The Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Door

- May 04, 2018 -

The Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Door

The lacquer kitchen cabinets door is currently the most widely used door. The substrate of the lacquer board is a density board, and the surface is baked at a high temperature through six spray inlet paints (three bottom, two sides, one light). The "baking" currently used for cabinets illustrates only one process, namely the treatment of the substrate door panels after painting by means of warming and drying in a drying room. According to the different paint layers on the surface, it is divided into ordinary paint, piano paint, tempered paint and so on. The surface brightness and strength of ordinary paint is not as good as piano paint, and piano paint is not as good as tempered paint. The lacquer board is characterized by bright and easy styling, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof function, strong anti-pollution ability and easy cleaning. Because it is computerized paint, the choice of color is not limited, that is, you can choose any one or more colors you see as your door color.

Disadvantages are the high level of craftsmanship and the high scrap rate, so the price is high; when using the lacquer kitchen cabinets door, the lacquer kitchen cabinets door must be carefully sheltered. For fear of bumps and scratches, it will be difficult to repair the damage. The lacquer kitchen cabinets door must be replaced as a whole; Easy to throw color difference. More suitable for appearance and quality requirements are relatively high, the pursuit of fashionable young high-end consumers. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers on the market today use paint to dry naturally instead of baking paint. You must pay attention. The difference is that because the baking paint is baked at high temperature in the paint room, the surface hardness is large, it will not be as soft as after drying, and the flatness is good, there will be no traces of lacquer, and the dried door It is easily discolored, and the translucent color often appears at the edges and corners of door panels.

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