The Kitchen Cabinets Sink

- Jan 30, 2019 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Sink

The sink is essential for daily use in the kitchen. It is also used at a very high frequency and is the location with the most moisture contact, especially in the wet season, where it is the most prone to bacteria.

At present, most of the households use stainless steel kitchen cabinet sinks. The surface of the kitchen cabinet sinks is usually treated with different techniques such as mercerizing, which makes them more beautiful and durable. But even if it is made of excellent stainless steel, we must also use it in the process of use. Do a good job of cleaning and cleaning.

1 routine maintenance


1. When cleaning the kitchen cabinet sink, the oil traces in the water tank should be removed with detergent or soapy water, and then cleaned with a soft towel to avoid leaving grease.

2. When cleaning the kitchen cabinet sink every time, remember to clean the neck end of the tube after the filter cartridge to avoid the accumulation of grease in the long-term accumulation. If the grease has accumulated in the sink pipe for a long time, it is not easy to wash it. Try to pour some kitchen detergent into the kitchen cabinet sink, rinse it with hot water, then rinse it with cold water.


Due to the residual oily substances on the surface of the sink and the position of the faucet during daily use, it will cause mold and rust when not cleaned for a long time. In this daily routine, we can use a toothpaste, a five-powder powder or a stainless steel cleaner to use a towel or a soft cloth at the rust spots or spots, and then wash it with a neutral detergent after rubbing it.

2 operation reminder

● Do not cut objects on the surface of the kitchen cabinet sink or directly use the steel ball to wipe the surface of the sink. This will cause the surface to wear and affect the appearance.

● Do not wash the water tank with corrosive liquids, which can easily damage the surface of the water tank and cause damage.

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