The Kitchen Cabinets Plate Pollution

- Jun 07, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Plate Pollution

At present, the plates of the kitchen cabinets on the market are mainly density plates and particle board. Therefore, the grade of the plates determines the environmental performance of the kitchen cabinets, and the requirements must meet the standards of the national artificial plate inspection. Although the kitchen cabinets are assembled on site, the backplanes usually use a single panel. The grades of these panels are generally low, which easily causes excessive formaldehyde. There are also similar issues with drawers. Be extra careful.

2, tabletop pollution

Artificial stone is made of chemical materials, contains adhesive, and has odor, which easily affects the air quality in the room. In addition, whether the artificial stone pigment is environmentally friendly also affects the environmental protection of the artificial stone. Consumers must choose artificial stone countertops with brands, and unbranded products with low prices must be carefully selected.

3, construction pollution

Environmental protection of materials does not mean the environmental protection of kitchen cabinets. In the installation process, part of the process is to be assembled on the site. If the process is not up to standard, the edge is not tightly sealed, so harmful substances can easily evaporate. The "secondary pollution."

1, the general after-sales quality of the big brands are guaranteed, the small workshop products are easy to cause problems such as lax edge, so you can choose to choose reliable manufacturers, and save the receipts, invoices, etc.;

2. To inspect the basis of environmental kitchen cabinets when testing reports, it is advisable to ask the merchants to provide test reports, and to carefully compare the indicators;

3, in addition to environmental protection, but also pay attention to the cabinet hardware, generally high-quality hardware inside the precision components, poor quality hardware is just the opposite.

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