The Kitchen Cabinets Partition

- Dec 17, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Partition

First, the kitchen cabinet design

The design of the kitchen cabinets in the kitchen should be designed according to the kitchen utensils currently owned by the owner and the style of the living they are pursuing. It is true that there are not many utensils in the home of the new home, so the design drawings should be Have a good communication with the designer in your own planned life, such as making some desserts or soups in the future, or you will often ask friends to gather at home, etc. No matter what kind of needs, you must predetermine to make these preparations. How to store the added equipment.

It is well known that the items required for West Point production are very cumbersome. For appliances such as ovens that are slightly larger, they can be partitioned at the basic height in the middle of the kitchen cabinets of the wall, which is convenient for storage and easy to take. Small items can be used as a basket design, which requires very narrow distances and is also very efficient to store according to the level of separation.

How to put the internal partition of the kitchen cabinet is better? If there are more dishes, you only need to reserve the outside for normal use. Others can be stored in drawers. The inside of the drawer can be divided. It can also be separated by thin wooden boards or thin tubular strips. Try not to take up too much storage space because of these spacing effects. If the chopping board and the vegetable shovel, porridge spoon, spoon, etc., if not hanging outside, you can install some hooks on the inside of the kitchen kitchen cabinet to hang, not occupying the inner space and making the kitchen more tidy, but it is recommended because of the need for taking it. The height is easily accessible by hand.

Second, the wardrobe partition

It is also very important to store clothes or bedding in a family, especially clothes. If the whole family is divided into four seasons, it should be divided into many categories to make it easier for you to find and avoid troubles. . Is it good to use the movable partition in the closet? First of all, the interior of the kitchen cabinet should be designed according to the size of the clothing and the height of the partition. For hanging clothes, it should be designed according to the length of the family's clothes. If the whole family prefers short clothes, the space under the hanging frame can effectively use the space to create drawers or reinforced partitions for storing small items; In addition, according to underwear, socks, hats, scarves, etc., also make a different distinction.

Usually small items are more difficult to manage, occupy a small space, and are easily occluded. If there is a drawer or partition to distinguish, this is not a problem. Tops and trousers have different space for storage because of the different stacking methods. If it is only a single middle partition, it is not practical to use. It should be installed in different partitions to make your storage easier.

There should be more than one quilt in each family. According to the weather, there will be a thick distinction. Because the quilt takes up more space, the space for storing the kitchen cabinets is large enough. There are also some tools to help compress the market, which will save after buying. Space, but the width should be sufficient, and the kitchen cabinets should be managed and designed according to the quilt of the whole family. It is generally recommended that items that are not frequently replaced be placed in the kitchen at the top of the room. The inside can still be used to pull the basket to store items such as compression tools and mosquito nets that are temporarily unavailable.

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