The Kitchen Cabinets Layout

- Dec 19, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Layout

One-line layout kitchen cabinet

This is a one-line kitchen, generally suitable for small-sized and small-sized kitchens. This kind of kitchen cabinet design saves space and saves money. It is mainly suitable for young people. The number of cooking times is not used by many families. The color scheme of the dark kitchen cabinet door and wood veneer is very advanced, but it is not recommended to use wood veneer near the fire source. It can be replaced by wood grain brick or lacquered glass. Although it is good, safety is more important.

The one-shaped kitchen is particularly important because it is space-smiling. It is possible to add layers and shelves to walls that are not close to the fire source, so that the wall space can be fully utilized.

L-shaped layout kitchen cabinet

There is also a common layout is the L-shaped layout, but also the standard kitchen layout, known as the "golden moving line" wash and cut in one go. The cleaning area is usually located on the short side, close to the window, suitable for a variety of room types, if the kitchen space is large enough, a small bar can be derived. The scheme uses a large area of white and wood grain color to bring a fresh and natural feeling to the kitchen while also cooling down the hot kitchen.

The overall color of the kitchen cabinet is black, the wood grain brick floor, the wall and the top surface are white, and the whole match is more fashionable. The premise is that the kitchen lighting is better, otherwise the large area of black will make the space appear oppressive.

U-shaped layout kitchen cabinet

Another common layout is the U-shape. U-shapes generally use three walls to make kitchen cabinets, which may be crowded compared to smaller spaces. The main advantage is that because the kitchen cabinet is lengthened, the storage space is increased, and some operations do not need to go to the other side of the kitchen, and turning directly can increase the efficiency of the kitchen. Suitable for families with large families and large families. This program is also used in white and wood color. Because the storage demand is not large, there is no wall kitchen cabinet on the wall, but the metal layer plate frame is used to decorate and accommodate the peacetime.

Luxury kitchen cabinet

Generally, the super-large kitchen has various additional configurations, such as the island, the bar, the thermostat, the refrigerator, and the frozen. What kind of kitchen can do this.

Kitchen cabinet storage

Generally, the space of the corner is easy to ignore, and the kitchen cabinet directly can make use of the spare space to become a storage space.

The least thing that can be done in the kitchen is the bottle and can. If you can sacrifice a piece of countertop to make the whole kitchen cabinet, this kind of kitchen cabinet storage function is very powerful. It is estimated that a variety of products in a kitchen cabinet can be eaten for one month.

There is also a special troublesome space in the kitchen, which is a variety of pots. The cooktops are directly made into such drawers. Each pot has a fixed position, and can be adjusted in size to suit the size of different cookware. Very practical.

For all kinds of shovel rolling pins, all the drawers are very messy, not only inconvenient to find, but some forks are also easy to cause hand injuries. If the drawer is divided in such a way that not only long things can be put in, the classification of various tools is equally beautiful and practical.

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