The Kitchen Cabinets Hardware Pendant

- Feb 04, 2019 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Hardware Pendant

There are various types of hooks for kitchen cabinet hardware, such as kitchen cabinet hooks, compartment bars and compartment plates. Some kitchen racks are not easy to clean, and dirt that is not easily wiped is also easy to produce. Therefore, we need to do regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the pendant clean and bright.

1 routine maintenance


1. The metal pendant can be removed by soaking in water, then gently wipe it off with a rag, or if the stain is sticky, it can be soaked with water, then gently scraped with wood and bamboo sticks, etc. After cleaning, Wipe dry with a soft cloth and place in a dry place.

2. For hard-to-remove stubborn dirt, surface scale film and stains, use mild liquid cleaner, colorless glass cleaner or polishing agent without cleaning, then clean the kitchen cabinet hardware pendant with water to remove all Clean the detergent and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.


1. Note that when using stainless steel kitchen cabinet accessories, the washed tableware and kitchen utensils can be dried and placed on the pendant.

2, in normal kitchen cabinet hardware pendants to avoid contact with alkaline and acidic detergents, can not be washed with steel balls, it is best to use a soft cloth with water scrub, otherwise it is easy to cause scratches.

3. After each cleaning, all cleaning agents must be removed with water and wiped with a soft cloth or a special maintenance cloth for the pendant. Otherwise, water stains may appear on the surface of the pendant.

2 operation reminder

● Do not use corrosive acid and alkali solution, try to use neutral detergent to clean. If you accidentally get bleach, rinse immediately with water and clean with neutral detergent.

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