The Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel

- Jul 09, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel

Nowadays, the door panel technology of custom cabinets on the market has been greatly improved, and there are many materials for the door panels to be selected. However, there are still several types of door panels that are more mainstream. Below, we will analyze their respective advantages and disadvantages and help everyone. Choose the cabinet door that suits you best.

Double veneer

The double veneer, also known as the melamine plate, is usually a particle board with a melamine veneer on the surface.

Advantages: 1. The surface is flat and not easy to be deformed; 2. The color is rich, the texture is fine, and the pattern simulation is high; 3. Wear and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, easy to clean; 4. Economical and practical, cost-effective.

Disadvantages: The edge-sealing process is monotonous, and it is easy to collapse when it is not handled well.

Applicable: brightly colored cabinets

Paint door panel

The base material of the baking varnish board is made of medium density board, which is milled, polished, surface painted and baked at high temperature. Baking paint is also divided into different processes, generally through a lot of paint, piano paint, car paint, UV paint and so on.

Advantages: 1. Bright color, obvious mirror effect, eye-catching appearance, looks tall; 2. Strong anti-pollution ability, easy to clean; 3. Surface paint can be effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, no need to seal; 4, no oil leakage, Do not fade.

Disadvantages: 1, afraid of bumps and scratches, it is difficult to repair after damage; 2, in the kitchen with more soot is prone to color difference.

Application: high-end customization


Molded plate

Generally, the MDF is used as a substrate, and then a PVC film is coated on the surface.

Advantages: 1, rich in style, diverse colors, suitable for a variety of styles; 2, anti-scratch, wear-resistant, not easy to fade, not easy to deform.

Disadvantages: Strong plastic feeling.

Applicable: high requirements on the shape of the door panel


Solid wood door panel

Mainly divided into pure solid wood door panels; composite solid wood, with pure solid wood frame stitching density core; solid wood veneer, with MDF as the substrate, surface solid wood veneer.

Advantages: 1. Environmental protection, good texture and natural texture; 2. High temperature resistance and scratch resistance.

Disadvantages: 1, the price is very high, the color is determined by the tree species, but the selectivity is less; 2, the maintenance is more troublesome, the acid and alkali resistance is poor; 3, prone to deformation, cracking, rough surface and other issues.

Applicable: exclusive to rich people


Crystal steel door panel

In essence, it is a piece of tempered tempered glass in the middle, surrounded by aluminum alloy frame.

Advantages: 1. Waterproof, fireproof, anti-invasive, anti-infestation, impact-resistant, wear-resistant; 2. Easy to clean, no odor; 3. No deformation, high durability; 4. Environmental protection does not contain radiation, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic and non-polluting .

 Disadvantages: 1, modeling style is not much; 2, greasy things are easy to adsorb on the glass surface 3, crystal steel door handle is relatively sharp, easy to row.

Applicable: high requirements for environmental protection

Metal door panel

The metal plate has a structure of a metal plate or a metal plate which is adhered to a medium-density plate by special oxidation treatment, fine wire drawing, and a surface forming a dense protective layer.

Advantages: 1. Excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance; 2. Fine texture, simple and generous lines 3. Easy to clean, simple daily maintenance; 4. Long service life and durability; 5. Environmental protection, no Will emit odor.

Disadvantages: expensive, the color of the metal plate is mainly cold, with the feeling of “cold cold”, lack of family warmth and easy deformation. After a slight collision, it is easy to leave a groove-like pit, which is difficult to repair.

Applicable: rich and loves industrial style

Fireproof board

Also known as refractory board, fireproof door panel substrate particle board, moisture-proof board or MDF, the surface is decorated with fireproof board.

The fireproof board is a decorative board made of a silicon material or a calcium material as a main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, binders and chemical additives, and subjected to autoclaving technology. The price of a better quality fireproof board is more expensive than a decorative panel.

Advantages: 1. The color is more vivid, and the sealing form is various; 2. Wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-osmotic and oozing; 3. Easy to clean, moisture-proof, non-fading; 4. Touchy and delicate, affordable.

Insufficient: the door panel is a flat plate, which can not create three-dimensional effects such as bumps and metal, and the fashion sense is slightly worse. It is more suitable for medium and low-grade decoration that requires general cabinets and practical functions.

Application: Pursuit of safety and cost performance


Acrylic door panel

Acrylic is also called PMMA or plexiglass. Hong Kong people are called Aga Li, which is an important thermoplastic developed earlier. Due to the different content of acrylic and resin, many merchants have different names. There are crystal door panels and resin acrylic panels. They are all acrylic cabinet doors.

Advantages: 1. Easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance; 2. Strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean; 3. Not easy to deform, long service life; 4. Exquisite edge sealing technology, can effectively prevent moisture; 5. Good electrical resistance Excellent light transmission.

Insufficient: Acrylic cabinet door panels have a large coefficient of thermal expansion, and should be reserved for expansion due to temperature changes.

Application: Pursuit of practicality

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