The Kitchen Cabinets Door Hinge

- Jan 31, 2019 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Door Hinge

The kitchen cabinet door hinge is a load-bearing object that connects the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen cabinet door, and is also an important key point for maintaining the overall appearance of the kitchen cabinet. The material of the door hinge is generally made of stainless steel. Since the door hinge is so important, we still have to maintain it!

1 routine maintenance


1. During use, vinegar, salt, sugar, soy sauce, etc. are dripped on it. It should be wiped with a clean soft cloth in time and then cleaned.

2. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not use acidic or alkaline detergent. If it is found to have black spots on the surface, it can be wiped with a little neutral detergent.


Every 2~3 months, you can add some lubricating oil for maintenance, which can keep the pulley smooth and silent and reduce friction.

2 operation reminder

● Do not wash with acidic or alkaline detergent.

● Do not use sharp or hard objects to bump the door hinges, or cause scratches or even deformation.

● When opening and closing the door kitchen cabinet, do not use excessive force to prevent the door hinge from being subjected to high-speed and violent impact, which may damage the connection between the door hinge and the kitchen cabinet and the door panel, causing wear.

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