The Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

- Dec 07, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

Quartz stone kitchen cabinet countertops

Quartz stone kitchen cabinet countertops are definitely the mainstream material used in the current market. Because it is artificial quartz stone, its oil resistance and corrosion resistance are much higher than natural marble. Quartz stone has a surface that is artificially treated and has no groove pores. Therefore, quartz stone kitchen cabinet countertops are the most fashionable and most popular kitchen cabinet countertop materials. Quartz stone kitchen cabinet countertops have a strong hardness and it is difficult to make a shape. Therefore, quartz stone kitchen cabinet countertops tend to be relatively simple.

Artificial stone kitchen cabinet countertops

All artificial stone is called artificial stone. Common artificial stone is made of resin, gravel and stone powder are proportioned, and other curing agents are added to process at high temperature. The artificial stone has strong plasticity and rich color. radiation. Its drawbacks are that the hardness is not very high, it is easy to scratch, the texture selection is less, and there are many traces of manual processing.

Rock Plate

The use of rock slabs as kitchen cabinet countertops has just become popular in China in recent years. As a high-end material, rock slabs have been widely used abroad, but they have not yet fully opened up the market in China. Due to fewer domestic manufacturers, its price remains high. The hardness of the rock face is very high, and the scratch resistance is much higher than that of quartz stone. The impact resistance of the rock plate is also higher than that of the quartz stone. The quartz stone is used here for comparison. The quartz stone has been widely regarded as a high-strength and impact-resistant stone. In contrast, the slate's aesthetics, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance are higher than those of quartz stone. It seems that the price of rock plates is high, but it has its irreplaceable advantages.

Pure solid wood as a kitchen cabinet countertop should be regarded as an ancient practice. The advantage is that the aesthetics is high, and any shape can be carved. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to water and corrosion. In the home improvement industry, solid wood kitchen cabinet countertops basically exist only in the dining table. It has rarely existed in the production of kitchen kitchen cabinet countertops.

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