The Kitchen Cabinets Choosing Tips

- Sep 12, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Choosing Tips

Classical style kitchen cabinet

Classical style - the more developed the society, the more it strengthens the nostalgic heart of people. This is also the reason why the classical style lasts for a long time. His elegant and noble, unique and intimate and calm, satisfy the successful people's heart to cater to it. The traditional classical style requires a large kitchen space, and U-shaped and island-shaped are more suitable forms. In terms of materials, solid wood is of course the first choice. Its color, pattern and its unique simplicity are respected by mature people.

Rustic style kitchen cabinet

Country style - introducing the taste of the wilderness into the room, keeping the home and nature in a lasting dialogue, the city's prosperity is quiet in this corner, and the country-style kitchen is close to the distance between man and nature. Painted tiles with a rural flavor depicting natural landscapes such as fruits, flowers and birds, presenting a serene and comfortable rustic style. The log flooring is also an excellent decorative material, and the warm foot feels like a touch of earth. On the top, more choices of solid wood. Washed green, lemon yellow, is a color that has been popular for many years, and the panel decoration of the wood strip enhances the natural taste. If you are a country-loving person, the rustic kitchen will make your life more casual and natural.

modern style kitchen cabinet

Modern style - the most popular style of modern style, each country, each brand will launch a modern style at the right time, and Italian kitchen utensils, due to the novel design, strong sense of the times, the highly respected modern style of kitchen utensils abandoned the gorgeous decoration. It is simple and clean on the lines, and it pays more attention to the color matching. It is applied from bright red, yellow and purple to bright blue and green colors. This style is also easier to match with other spaces. It is unconstrained and the requirements for decorative materials are not high, which may be the reason why it is widely popular.

The styles are determined by the material and color of the kitchen cabinet door panels. The choice of style is simple, the kitchen cabinet showroom will be displayed, you can choose freely, and designing a set of very good kitchen cabinets is not that simple.

The specific process of buying kitchen cabinets:

1. kitchen cabinet designers should measure the size on site.

2. Communicate with you to understand your living habits and special requirements for kitchen cabinets.

3, complete the design of the kitchen cabinet sketch, you make comments and make changes. And determine the sketch. This sketch is not a real production drawing. The main role is to clearly identify the specific location of hydropower, so that hydropower construction companies understand what they must do.

4. Hydropower reconstruction construction, bricklayer tiling and kitchen ceiling.

5. After the basic decoration work is completed, the kitchen cabinet designer will once again go to the door to accurately measure and re-take the drawings. This drawing is really a production drawing. At this time, you really have to pay the full amount of the kitchen cabinet. After the kitchen cabinet company receives the full payment, , cutting production. Production time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, mostly around 30 days.

6, the production can be installed. Oh, the kitchen cabinet installation process, black smoke, stunned. However, these pollutions are limited to the kitchen and have no effect on other rooms. Therefore, the installation time of the kitchen cabinet can be arranged at the previous point or later.

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