The Kitchen Cabinets Baskets

- Aug 28, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinets Baskets

Quality inspection standards for kitchen cabinet baskets

First, the main line standard of the kitchen cabinet basket

The kitchen cabinet basket itself is durable and not easy to damage, and the heavier the weight of the kitchen cabinet basket, the more the load on the pulley is increased, and the life of the rail is reduced. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet basket is not thicker and heavier, but it is not too thin, otherwise it is easy to take off. Welding, the general main line is 8mm is enough.

Second, the material standard of the kitchen cabinet basket

The quality of stainless steel. There are many kinds of stainless steel, and the quality of stainless steel is distinguished by the nickel content of the material. The national standard stainless steel material is based on the quality inspection report produced by the geological inspection department.

Third, the standard of the appearance of the kitchen cabinet basket

The appearance should be neat and not messy, the four corners are 90 degrees, the four sides of the frame should be balanced, the bottom material should be evenly arranged, the surface is not coated, and the hand touches no burrs.

Fourth, the standard of the gloss of the kitchen cabinet basket

The color should show the unique temperament of stainless steel: silver-green mirror surface light. The mirror is bright and beautiful. If the surface treatment process is not advanced, the surface silver ash is blurred (matt), which seriously affects the appearance, the grade is bottom, not exquisite, noble.

Five, the standard of solder joints

Solder joints should not be too large. Too large and ugly, and mostly for solder joints, not firm, should be slightly smaller than the size of the two materials themselves.

Sixth, the configuration standard of the kitchen cabinet basket

Configuration is the most important of the full basket. Configuration one: the slide rails and the slide rails have a certain bearing capacity. It is necessary to select the slide rails with thicker material, high smoothness, high degree of occlusion and low noise. Configuration 2: Fasteners, fasteners should be made of stainless steel. The iron piece is easy to rust and affects the appearance and health of the inside of the door panel.

Note on the purchase of the kitchen cabinet basket:

We can choose the right decoration style according to the material, purpose and function of the kitchen cabinet basket.

First, the material of the kitchen cabinet pull basket: iron chrome-plated basket, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron chrome and baking paint.

1. Stainless steel plated and iron baskets are not ideal kitchen cabinet baskets.

The stainless steel plated basket is made of copper on the surface of the stainless steel. Although it has a mirror surface gloss, it is very thin and easy to collide with the tableware and the plating layer is off. The stainless steel material is poor and it is easy to rust. Corrosion oxides and enamel substances adhere to tableware, which are harmful to human health and may cause cancer in the long run. The iron basket is also very thin because it is plated and cuts off with the tableware, which eventually leads to faster rust and endangers human health.

2, stainless steel electrolytic basket is the ideal kitchen cabinet basket

Electrolytic stainless steel polishing basket with high quality stainless steel, no need to cross the layer, the material body is acid and alkali resistant, the surface is smooth, the mirror is bright, the appearance is exquisite, the color is permanent and fidelity, durable. More important is health and environmental protection.

Second, the use of the kitchen cabinet basket: the basket can provide a large storage space, and can be used to partition the space reasonably, so that all kinds of goods and utensils have their place.

According to different purposes, the basket can be divided into seasoning basket, stove pull basket, three-sided basket, drawer basket, ultra-narrow basket, high-deep basket, corner basket and so on.

Third, the function of the kitchen cabinet basket

The function baskets commonly used in kitchen cabinets are: seasoning basket, dish blue, pot blue, corner basket, monster basket, high basket. Commonly used in the closet is the trousers pull basket, shoe rack, tie box, lifting clothes rack and so on.

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