The Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

- Jun 27, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance


Phenomenon: Mainly occurred in the cabinet sliding door and cabinet skin injury, and did not hurt the substrate, but the destructive but not very affect the appearance.


1. Choose the same color crayon or paint as the cabinet to paint, covering the substrate with the original color.

2, with a transparent nail polish or a thin brush with the same color can be a layer.

Burn marks

Phenomenon: In the kitchen work, it will be easy to leave a small area of burn scars on the paint surface of the cabinet, which will have a greater impact on the appearance of the cabinet.


1. Prepare a cotton swab or a thin layer of hard cloth on a toothpick;

2. Gently wipe the burned part away from the burn;

3. Apply a layer of transparent nail polish or the same color lacquer to the last uniform coating.


Phenomenon: Placing heat very easily on the surface of the cabinet will damage the paint surface and cause burns, leaving traces that affect the appearance.


1, with alcohol, kerosene, toilet water, etc. with a soft rag to wipe;

2. Clean the surface with a mixture of lemon juice, salad oil and soot;

3, finally coated with a layer of wax, you can reduce the hot marks and disappear.

Water mark

Phenomenon: Some cabinet materials are easy to leave water marks, simple wipe method is not useful, over time will cause large area traces.


1. Cover the water mark with Shu Run's rag. Heat with an iron and wipe gently to eliminate.

2, can use toothpaste, salad oil to wipe, and finally do a good job cleaning and waxing.

Different cleaning measures for different cabinets

Tip: First of all, no matter what the material of the cabinet should pay attention to every time after the end of cooking to do a good job of surface cleaning work to avoid stains stay on the surface longer and harder to remove.

Wooden panel cabinets

1. When cleaning with a damp cloth, be careful not to drip when the cloth is wiped. When water is too much and it is not processed in time, it is easy to make the wood damp;

2, when the depth of cleaning can add a little special liquid cleaners, wipe after paying attention to do a good job of surface drying;

3, note that in the usual cleaning work do not use products containing thinner, acetone, etc., which will cause corrosion to a certain extent wooden cabinets.

Pvc, paint cabinets

1. When cleaning, you can add liquid soap or water with a cleaning agent diluted to a concentration of less than 5%.

2, can also use a neutral detergent for cleaning work, the use of rags must be delicate and soft;

3, the use of professional cleaning products do not need to contain thinner, abrasive powder, powder products, do a good job after cleaning to maintain indoor ventilation.

Stainless steel cabinet

1. Use a soft cloth or deerskin for cleaning. Wipe the wipes to wipe them.

2, with special stainless steel cleaner, wipe after dilution, and keep the surface dry;

3, in the cleaning process, do not use steel wool, hydrochloric acid and other base products, to avoid damage to the surface of stainless steel.

Stone countertops

1. Use soapy water or a neutral detergent for cleaning;

2. Wipe the surface with a soaked rag and keep the surface dry;

3, stubborn stains can be diluted with bleach and other non-abrasive cleaners to clean, you can remove stubborn stains on the stone surface.

Cabinet hardware cleaning

1, the cabinet hinges and slides should be regularly cleaned, do not be affected by water stains to prevent rust;

2. Regularly grease the hinges and slides to ensure the smooth use of hardware components;

3, pull the basket and handle, etc. at any time to pay attention to cleaning work, clean the cabinet when the hardware will be cleaned up to avoid breeding bacteria.

The details of life should be taken care to avoid damaging the cabinets

1, in the cooking process will inevitably use some of the more pointed tools, in the use of the process should be gently, put it together as soon as possible after use to avoid scratching the cabinet surface;

2, cabinets should always pay attention to the problem of high temperature, high temperature containers do not directly on the cabinet surface to avoid discoloration burns;

3, too heavy goods are not placed on the cabinet, the cabinet is likely to cause deformation;

4. The condiment actually has a great influence on the cabinets. For example, soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil, etc. do not directly place on the surface of the cabinet, so as to leave a mark;

5, the kitchen should always maintain a good ventilation environment, not to dampen the cabinet and affect the overall quality.

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