The Kitchen Cabinet Layout

- Jun 20, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinet Layout

The layout of the kitchen cabinets is related to the storage of the kitchen. The kitchen can be said to be the most messy place in the home. The layout of the kitchen cabinets is irrational. To cook a meal is in a hurry, and it will be more difficult to finish each meal.

kitchen cabinets are divided into wall kitchen cabinets and floor kitchen cabinets. Because of their different heights, things stored and internal designs are different.

kitchen cabinets

The traditional kitchen cabinet is a kitchen cabinet with double doors, which is equipped with 1-2 layers of partitions, or there are no partitions directly. Every time they take things, they put their hands in the darkness to find. If the kitchen is not well lit, a flashlight may be required.

Fei Mojun suggested that the kitchen cabinet should be designed as a drawer, and the size and thickness of the drawer should be designed according to what is to be stored. For example, the uppermost layer of the drawer can be made into a thin, shallow layer, with internal partitions, and small pieces of utensils such as chopsticks, spoons, and shovels.

This requires something to be pulled out directly, but it's easy to see at the lights, but the kitchen is too small to be designed in such a way that drawers pulled out horizontally take up more space.

Under the sink, because there are pipes, kitchen treasures, and water purifiers, you can't make drawers. You can use special storage racks to store more things.

Hanging kitchen cabinet

The utilization of the wall kitchen cabinets is lower than that of the floor kitchen cabinets, because it is very difficult to come out after the stuff is piled in, and it is useless if the height reaches out. Coupled with the upturned doors, housewives also have to prepare a small bench.

There are two ways to use the wall kitchen cabinets. One is the lifting basket previously mentioned. Pull down directly when it is needed. It is not affected by height. Although this is easy to use, the cost is very high. There are hundreds of lift baskets and the budget is enough to try.

Another method is to install a low wall kitchen cabinet. According to the user's height, lower the height of the wall kitchen cabinet. In addition to the horizontal partitions inside, you can also try this vertical, put the plate, lid, and more to get.

Speaking of heights, the height of normal kitchen cabinets is 80-85cm, height of kitchen cabinet is 65-78cm, and 50-60cm can be reserved betweenand kitchen cabinet. Depending on the user's height, adjustments can be made based on the above dimensions.

Gap and corner

In addition to kitchen cabinets, there are also kitchen cabinets and corner kitchen cabinets.

Gap kitchen cabinet is very convenient, Taobao can be bought directly, can also be customized according to the size of the gap, more beautiful. Because of the shape of the slot kitchen cabinet, it is suitable for putting the condiments of the bottles and jars, and it can also be hung upright.

Corner kitchen cabinets need to be designed with 270-degree hinges and 360-degree baskets. The corners of the chicken ribs will instantly become a good place for small household appliances.


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