The Kitchen Cabinet Height

- Jun 12, 2018 -

The Kitchen Cabinet Height

1, the height of the kitchen cabinet surface is generally 65-90 cm high

We can first look at the height of the housewife, which is often cooked by the family. The height of the housewife can be 10-15 cm from the elbow of the cooker. This height is more appropriate, and even if we spend a bit of time cooking, we will not It will make you feel uncomfortable.

Of course, the specific height we can determine based on the height of the cook.

2, washing dishes recommended in 87-90 cm as well

First of all, let's look at the size of the kitchen space. If the kitchen space is relatively small, then it is recommended that the kitchen countertop be made uniform and flat. If your home kitchen is a bit larger, the countertop space is also relatively large. Then we can make the kitchen countertops. The step-by-step type is that the dishwashing countertops are higher than the countertops of the kitchen countertops.

If the countertops of the kitchen are all the same plane, although we feel comfortable when cooking, we often need to bend over when we are washing dishes. Although the time for washing vegetables may not be long, the total experience is not good.

Therefore, it is a very good design to raise the surface of vegetables.

3, the height of the kitchen cabinet is within 160-170 cm

The installation of the wall kitchen cabinet is mainly based on the fact that we are able to reach out for handy items, but if it is too low, it is not very suitable. Therefore, the distance between the wall kitchen cabinet and the kitchen countertop should not be too small.

If the hanging kitchen cabinet is too high, then we can not reach the space above, so we can not do the top, and then use the baffle to block the dust.

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