The Keys Of Design Kitchen Cabinets(3)

- Sep 15, 2018 -

The Keys of Design Kitchen Cabinets(3)

1. How to arrange the kitchen pipes.

1) Upper water pipe: buried in the wall or from the ceiling, the water meter is also included in the kitchen cabinets.

2) Down pipe: Insert the drain pipe under the sink into the down pipe, there is a gap in the middle, what should I do with the smell on the sewer? Seal the gaps in the two tubes with glue.

3) Smoke pipe of the hood: This should be considered comprehensively. First of all, the reserved holes of many flue pipes are low. First, move it as far as possible to the roof, and generally move to the ceiling. On the day of the ceiling, the personnel of the hood manufacturer were also present. They had to install the uppermost exhaust pipe first. After the ceiling was completed, the pipe would be hidden inside the ceiling. This is a problem that is easy to neglect, because it is generally the first ceiling and then the kitchen cabinets is installed. When installing the kitchen cabinets, the hood is installed. If the pipe is installed at this time, it cannot be placed inside the ceiling. Note that when installing the pipe, the same check valve should be added. This can block the foreign fumes and avoid cooking in your neighbor's house. This thing can be bought by Taobao. It is recommended to buy the best one. If it is installed, it will not be removed.

4) Exhaust pipe of gas water heater: This is generally to be extended to the outside, like the pipe of the hood, it should be hidden inside the ceiling.

5) Gas meter and gas pipe: The riser can be hidden in the kitchen cabinets, and the horizontal pipe must be visible under the ceiling.

2. Brick kitchen cabinets are not recommended:

Wasting space: the same space, if you find a manufacturer to make kitchen cabinets, you can get more space, because brick kitchen cabinets are much thicker.

It is easy to hide dirt: brick kitchen cabinets are made of tile veneers, and the gap between tiles and tiles is very difficult to clean. After a long period of use, brick kitchen cabinets will have many large gaps, which provide habitat for parasitic insects, such as cockroaches and ants. Affect health.

Unable to use high-end kitchen cabinets hardware.

Brick kitchen cabinets are really cheap, but the choice of brick kitchen cabinets still needs to be cautious, after all, the whole kitchen cabinets is the product of the times. In fact, many years ago (before the whole kitchen cabinets appeared), every household used brick kitchen cabinets. Don't let the quality of life go backwards because of greed.

3. Is there a brick behind the kitchen cabinets?

Many netizens think that the bricks on the back side of the kitchen cabinets can save the decoration costs. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. First of all, the place where the tiles are not glazed cannot be leaked out. The decoration workers should make precise calculations according to the size of the kitchen cabinets, and the parts that are not tiling should be smoothed with cement mortar. The work of tiling is more difficult, and the labor cost of the decoration workers cannot be reduced (whether or not Tiles, decoration workers have to pay brick labor costs), while the number of tiles that can be saved is very limited, it is estimated to be 10-20 tiles.

The bricks behind the kitchen cabinets make the walls more rigid, which is good for hanging kitchen cabinets and fixing the kitchen cabinets. It is recommended that the back is best to tiling as well.

Then, a better way is to stick cheap tiles. Each tile merchant has a tile processing product (engineering tail goods) for sale. In many cases, such a tile is one dollar. You can buy such a tile, of course, you must choose the same size. It is recommended to order at the same tile merchant. This saves on the cost of shipping tiles.

4. Try to do as much as possible in the kitchen cabinets:

There is such a problem, my kitchen area is relatively large, is it necessary to do kitchen cabinets in all places? The answer is that kitchen cabinets should be done as much as possible. As time goes by, there will be more and more debris in the kitchen, pots and pans, bottles and cans, set of tableware, food, use, and washing utensils. There are also a lot of kitchen appliances to be placed in the cupboard kitchen cabinets. The general situation is that the number of kitchen cabinets is not enough. Ha ha.

5, the kitchen cabinets factory gives you the most economical bathroom kitchen cabinets.

What is the basin for the bathroom basin? Still a bathroom kitchen cabinets? I think it is better to use the bathroom kitchen cabinets, because the area of the pedestal is too small, and there are no places for women to use the bottles and jars. The bathroom countertops are more spacious and can be placed inside the kitchen cabinets.

Is it good to buy a finished bathroom kitchen cabinets? Or custom bathroom kitchen cabinets? Of course, it is custom-made. Customized bathroom kitchen cabinets can make full use of space, while finished bathroom kitchen cabinets are small and stingy. The fixed configuration of faucets and ceramic basins are often of poor quality.

It is most economical to let kitchen cabinets manufacturers do bathroom kitchen cabinets. kitchen cabinets door panels can meet the requirements of waterproof and fireproof, and can be equipped with countertops and delivered together with kitchen cabinets to avoid overcharge. Ha ha.

It is better to use the under counter basin than the above counter basin. You go to the hotel to see, all the bathrooms use the under counter basin. Mainly because of good care, if there is something dirty on the countertop, wipe it into the ceramic basin with a rag. If it is the above counter basin, the place where the edge of the ceramic basin is in contact with the countertop is easy to hide. The time is long, black. It is recommended to send the under counter basin to the kitchen cabinets factory, so that they can stick the ceramic basin on the countertop in advance, which is more sturdy.

In addition, it is strongly recommended not to use the bowl, which is not suitable for use. It is easy to splash out when using water. In addition, when you are cleaning, you have to wipe the outside in addition to the inside of the basin. Too much trouble.

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