The Keys Of Design Kitchen Cabinets (2)

- Sep 14, 2018 -

The Keys of Design Kitchen Cabinets (2)

1. Design kitchen operating lights, there is this light, when washing dishes, cutting vegetables can be seen clearly.

The light on the right picture above is the kitchen operating light, let the designer design with you, mainly the circuit. This kind of light switch is inconvenient and not beautiful. The kitchen lighting method designed by myself is as follows:

In the market, buy 2-3 bull's-eye lamps with a thickness of about 2 cm. In the lower part of the kitchen cabinets, the hole is exactly the same as the diameter of the bull's-eye lamp. Insert the bull's-eye lamp into the hole and connect the wires to let the kitchen cabinets manufacturers do more. The lower plate of the kitchen cabinets on the kitchen cabinets is installed to cover the opening from the inside of the upper kitchen cabinets.

After plugging the wire, plug it into the socket reserved at a high place. Install a large rocker switch between the upper kitchen cabinets and the lower kitchen cabinets to control the upper socket. In this way, when I have all the water in my hand, I can use the elbows to open the kitchen operating lights. The operating lights are not normally seen, so the design is more beautiful. Of course, this design requires a circuit transformation in advance.

2. Determine the color of the kitchen cabinets door panel and the color of the kitchen cabinets countertop.

Fire board, solid wood, plastic, or baking? What color do you like, what color is on the kitchen cabinets, what color is the lower kitchen cabinets? Does this color match your main decoration style? The choice of door panels and countertops will be detailed below.

3, as little as possible to change the location of water and electricity

Also, under the premise of meeting the above requirements, try to reduce the changes, and you will spend more on it. Many excellent developers will be in the most reasonable position when they deliver the house, without any changes.

4. Design principles for the upper and lower kitchen cabinets

In order to pursue the formality of the kitchen cabinets or reduce the cost, some people use the form of opening the door and the lower kitchen cabinets, but this will bring a lot of inconvenience to the user. When the door is opened sideways, the operator has to take the items in the side operation area, and the head will hit the door. Items stored on the lower level of the lower kitchen cabinets must be squatted to get them.

For ease of use, the most commonly used items should be placed between 70 cm and 185 cm in height. This area is known as the comfort storage area. The optimal height of the upper kitchen cabinets is 145 cm. In order to be easy to use when opening, the kitchen cabinets door can be changed to an upwardly folded pneumatic door. The depth of the upper kitchen cabinets should not be too large, 40 cm is the most suitable. The base kitchen cabinets is preferably in the form of a large chest of drawers. Even for the lowermost items, the drawers can be opened at your fingertips, eliminating the hassle of squatting down to get inside.

5. the refrigerator should be designed in the closest position to the kitchen door

Arbitrarily placing the refrigerator will allow the operator to take a lot of roads during use. For example, food taken from the refrigerator cannot be placed on the console.

The refrigerator should be designed to be closest to the kitchen door. In this way, the purchased food can be placed directly into the refrigerator without going into the kitchen, and when cooking, the first process is to take food from the refrigerator. A work station should be designed near the refrigerator, and the removed food can be placed on it for simple processing. No matter how the size and shape of the kitchen changes. In the kitchen process, the refrigerator-centered storage area, the pool-centered washing area, and the cooking triangle-centered cooking area form a working triangle with an equilateral triangle, which saves time and effort.

6. the table should not be next to the stove

In the open kitchen, the restaurant is connected to the kitchen. At this time, the island pattern is the most used. Some people design the island workbench as a cooking or washing area, and connect the table to it. It is hoped that the cook can communicate with the family at any time. However, in use, it will be found that soot and water will continue to splash on the table.

In order to have a good dining environment for the family, the table is best kept away from the stove. If the family uses the restaurant and the kitchen as the important activity center of the family, the table and the table can be adjacent to each other, because the meal takes the longest time, and the family can participate together.

7. the function of too complex high-end kitchen cabinets hardware as little as possible.

The home is a U-shaped kitchen cabinets with 2 corners. The designer recommends using imported high-end hardware with a corner. It can be used in the corners. Look at the price and decide not to use it. There are a lot of kitchen utensils that are not used frequently, such as red wine glasses and meat grinders used at parties. It is enough to put these things in the corner and there is no waste.

Feel free to stop (a piece of hardware that allows the upper door to stop at any position), it is easy to break, use as little as possible.

Gas support can also, upturn the door, it is best to use gas support.

The lower kitchen cabinets is recommended to use steel pumping better, not easy to break, the size is accurate, the rails can be used on the ordinary, but the damping is necessary, using the damping to make people think that it is a high-end kitchen cabinets, huh, when washing vegetables, You can close the drawer with your legs.

8. Buy a double sink regret, you should buy a large single basin just fine.

The double basins are basically not used, and it is not easy to clean. If you use a large single bowl to brush the cauldron, the water is not easy to splash when washing, and the cleaning is convenient. If the home is small, you should choose a large single basin.

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