The Keys Of Design Kitchen Cabinets (1)

- Sep 13, 2018 -

The Keys of Design Kitchen Cabinets (1)

The kitchen cabinets company will have a special designer to communicate with you. kitchen cabinets design is a complicated job. What should you pay attention to?

How to arrange the kitchen space, mainly depending on your kitchen conditions, should be arranged as much as possible. To communicate with the designer.

1, cooking has a prescribed process, mainly to wash and fry, your kitchen cabinets design should follow this process.

It is best to design the pool cutting space and the cooktop on the same process line, huh, like the assembly line.

2. Who is going to make a countertop?

Don't trust the standard height of the so-called countertops that others have said. The standard height of the countertops is standard. The height and habits of each of us are not standard. We blindly follow the so-called standard height to make the countertops. Finally, it is not the time to stir-fry. Hand, that is, cutting vegetables is tired.

The most scientific method is to find a countertop of almost the height, by padding things to the same height, then put the wok on top, simulate the action of cooking, find the height that makes you most comfortable, use this size to subtract the hob. Height is the most suitable height for landing on your countertop.

Generally speaking, this height is just right when you cut vegetables. If you don’t feel it is suitable for cutting vegetables, you can only make the countertops of your kitchen cabinets into high and low, which is the height of the cut vegetables and the cooking stove. The height of the part is different. This will be more expensive, but the appearance will tend to be more beautiful.

3, design kitchen and eating habits related.

Does your family like Western food or Chinese food? The operation of Western food and Chinese food is completely different. The requirements for the hood and the cooker are different. If you design the kitchen cabinets, you can decide the specific function and size of the hood and the cooker. kitchen cabinets design The drawings will be more accurate. The size of the luxury waiter will often be 2 kitchens, the outside is the Chinese kitchen, and the inside is the Western kitchen.

4. Use design to reduce kitchen fumes.

Chinese people have the habit of stir-fry, the most annoying is the kitchen fumes, the taste is very bad, it is very easy to dirty the wall, if you have a balcony next to the kitchen, it is best to move the stove to the balcony, the balcony door can be The soot is separated, the position of the moving cooker is very simple, and the gas pipe and the power supply can be moved. It doesn't matter if the exhaust pipe is long. The part of the flue outside your home is much longer than the part inside your house, and the main part of the flue pipe is above the ceiling, which does not affect the height of your kitchen.

Many homeowners prefer open kitchens, and open kitchens do save space, but if you can't close the cooking space, it's best not to open an open kitchen.

If there is no kitchen balcony, it is recommended to arrange the cooktop in the corner of the kitchen, especially at the corner of the wall, which can best reduce the amount of fumes. (The original three sides of the smoke became two sides of the smoke).

It is best not to use sliding doors for kitchen doors. The closure is not tight. It is mainly the sliding door track. After a few months, it will be greasy and the door is not smooth. It is better to use the upper rail with the sliding door.

Note: Some people are convenient to pass the dishes, set the cooktop very close to the door. When the door is opened and closed, the wind can easily blow out the fire, and the soot is easy to float into the restaurant. And some people are also dangerous because they can scatter the stove and set the stove under the window. The position of the cooktop should be close to the outer wall, which is convenient for installing the exhaust hood. The position in front of the window is best left to the conditioning station, because this part of the work spends the most time, looking up at the beautiful scenery outside the window, blowing and blowing the warm air, so that the operator has a good mood.

5. Make scientific and reasonable design of kitchen appliances.

When designing the kitchen cabinets, consider designing the kitchen appliances that you must use in a reasonable position and arrange the switch sockets. There are so many small appliances that can be installed in the kitchen, and the thoughts are written: dishwasher, water purifier, microwave oven, rice cooker, food processor, electric kettle, induction cooker, bread machine, electric baking pan, coffee machine, egg cooker , electric oven, disinfection kitchen cabinets, refrigerator. Emphasis on the design of the electrical location, in order to arrange the circuit transformation work. These appliances are generally not used at the same time, but it is necessary to arrange as many sockets as possible.

Pure water machines are generally arranged under the sink, pay attention to leaving the power supply and water.

The oven can be placed under the cooktop, without the oven, the pan can be placed under the cooktop, and it can be cooked by hand.

The place where the seasoning basket or the seasoning should be placed should be closer to the stove.

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