The Installation Of Kitchen Cabinet Basket

- Apr 27, 2018 -

The Installation Of Kitchen Cabinet Basket

Kitchen cabinets basket are a durable product that is not easily damaged. The kitchen cabinets basket has a certain weight bearing capacity, but it is not the thicker and heavier the pull wire kitchen cabinets basket itself, because the weight of the kitchen cabinets pull basket itself is heavier, the greater the pressure on the load bearing parts of the pulley, the longer the service life of the kitchen cabinets pull basket track. It will also have a certain impact; but too thin wire is easily deformed, so the general line is only 8mm.

kitchen cabinets pull basket selection method:

1 The kitchen cabinets pull basket is usually tailored to the size of the kitchen cabinet, so the kitchen cabinet size provided must be accurate.

2 The welding spot of the kitchen cabinets pull basket should be full and there should be no welding.

3 Pull the surface of the basket to be smooth, feel comfortable and free of burrs.

4 The most important point in choosing a basket is to not use chrome as a stainless steel.

Pull the installation note:

1. The installation of kitchen cabinets basket is not much different from the installation of kitchen cabinets, that is, after installing the slide rails, the kitchen cabinets basket can be installed. It is necessary to pay attention to the level of the two sections of the pull basket rails, and it cannot be uneven. Otherwise, the kitchen cabinets pull basket will not be installed, or it will affect normal use after it is installed.

2. when loading drawers and cupboards to pull the kitchen cabinets basket, it is necessary to lower down as far as possible, so that more things can be installed, make full use of space, and pull the handle as much as possible in the middle, if the handle is installed high, pull it when you can not eat.

3. loading the cupboard pull the basket panel is best to use a small uproar plug, because the kitchen cabinets pull basket and the panel is difficult before and after, a long time think it is easy to pull the screws.


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