The Hardware Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jan 02, 2019 -

The Hardware of Kitchen Cabinets

1, kitchen cabinet hinge

The hinge is also called a hinge and acts as a connection door. The kitchen cabinets are used frequently, and the door panels will open and close many times. If the quality of the hinges is not good, it will be like my home. If the door is half a year, it will not fit. Even the door panel may not be able to bear the weight of the door panel. The door panel will fall directly. The kitchen has a large humidity and poor quality hinges that are prone to rust.

Good hinge, brand identity is obvious, the material is thick, the surface is smooth, and the plating is thick. When customizing kitchen cabinets, consult a few merchants to understand the hinge brand of the local market, or you can specify your own brand.

There is also a kind of hinge that is a damper hinge, which can alleviate the impact force of the door panel and slow down the closing speed of the door panel, so as not to close the door, it will be closed with a click. This kind of hinge price is more expensive. When customizing the kitchen cabinet, there is no need to use the hinge hinge for the hinge. It can be a common hinge of a door panel, a damping hinge, mute the door, and save money.

2, drawer slide

There are several drawers installed in the kitchen cabinet, which is convenient for storing small things and convenient for use. To install drawers, you must use the rails. According to the way, it can be divided into side slide rails and bottom slide rails. The side rail rail is further divided into two side rails and three side rails. The two side slide rails are composed of movable rails and fixed rails. The three section side slide rails are composed of movable rails, middle rails and fixed rails, and three sections have one more intermediate rail than two sections. The two-section side rails can only pull out about 3/4 of the drawer, while the three-section side rails can pull out the entire drawer, which is more convenient than the two-section rail. However, the three-section side rails have a lower bearing capacity.

Now, there are a lot of upgrades, such as buffer off, press bounce, and so on. No matter which kind of side rails are installed on the side of the drawer, the rails are exposed outside and the appearance is not high.

The bottom type slide rail, also called the hidden slide rail, is installed on the bottom of the drawer. After the installation, the metal rail is not visible, the appearance is good, and the bearing capacity is stronger than the side slide rail. However, this kind of slide rail is more expensive, so when you choose, you can buy it after considering the economic situation.

When installing the slide rails, be sure to check whether the rails are installed horizontally, avoiding one side high and low side, and the installation is completed. Remember to pull more times. My family didn't pay attention at the time, and now I find that it is very laborious to pull the drawer every time.

3, kitchen cabinet gas support

kitchen cabinet gas support is also called gas spring, support rod, mainly for supporting role, can avoid the situation of opening and closing the door, divided into up and down and random stop. Gas support is not a standard accessory, it requires additional charges, the brand is different, the price will be very large, according to your own needs and renovation budget.

4, kitchen cabinet pull basket

Stacking the condiment bottles and pots on the counter top will make the kitchen untidy, and the basket will be used. The basket is divided into a seasoning basket, a bowl basket, a corner basket and the like. The seasoning basket is mainly used for storing seasonings. It is clean and hygienic, and it is convenient to take. It is usually installed on the right hand side of the stove, so that it is convenient to use when cooking.

The bowl is mainly used for accommodating dishes such as dishes and dishes. Like the style of drawers, it is easy to take. Once you open it, the dishes inside are clear at a glance.

The corner pull basket is to make better use of the floor space. If the kitchen cabinet is L-shaped or U-shaped, it will create a corner space. With a corner basket, you can use the corner space to increase the utilization of space.

The basket is made of stainless steel, chrome and lacquer. It is best to choose stainless steel, which is durable, corrosion-resistant and load-bearing. The kitchen cabinets are custom made according to the basket, so it is best to make the baskets in front of the custom kitchen cabinets.

5, kitchen cabinet handle

kitchen cabinet handles can be divided into external and concealed installation methods. External handles, good quality, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics and other materials, there are many styles. However, this kind of handle is easy to squat, often hit, and it is blue and purple, especially when you have a child in your family.

The external handle also pays attention to the installation height and installation direction, so as to avoid inconvenience in later use. Plug-in handles, there is no need to pay too much attention to the brand, you can choose the style you like.

Concealed handles, usually hidden in the gaps of the kitchen cabinet doors, the overall simple, will not hinder the feeling of brushing, I personally like this kitchen cabinet handle. Only the friends who have installed it know that this kind of handle is not clean because of the groove, and when the hand is wet, it does not open the door.

Now there is also a completely handleless installation, that is, using a damper, pressing it once, the door will automatically open, saving labor and convenience. However, the price is not cheap, and the service life is not long, especially in places where the kitchen is frequently opened.

6, hanging kitchen cabinet lifting frame

The kitchen wall kitchen cabinet is prone to the situation that is not enough, and the upper space is not easy to use. The hanging kitchen cabinet lifting frame can be easily pulled, and the items can be taken easily and conveniently.

7, skirting board

Many people will ignore the skirting board. In fact, the footrest has a great effect. After installation, the kitchen cabinet can be made more uniform and avoid the sanitary corner. Because, the ground is wet, the material of the skirting board should not consider the wooden material as much as possible, it is easy to absorb water and become damp, and it is easy to deform and mold in the later stage. Try to consider metal or PVC materials.

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