The Hardware Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jul 27, 2018 -

The Hardware of Kitchen Cabinets

Handles There are many types of handles on the market, such as plug-in, built-in, and concealed.

What we often see is plug-in.

Its materials are zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics and so on.

Generally, all copper and stainless steel materials are better, zinc alloys and aluminum alloys are poor, and plastics are on the verge of elimination. It is best to choose a handle that has been electroplated and electrostatically painted to provide wear and corrosion protection.

In general, families with children in the family tend to install in-line handles in order to prevent the child from hitting the leaking handle when they are mischievous.

However, with the pursuit of the clean and beautiful beauty of the cabinet, many people will choose a hidden handle. This kind of handle is generally pressed on the door of the cabinet. From the visual point of view, it is impossible to see where the handle is.

There are also some cabinets and closet doors that have no handles. They use a damper and the door can be opened by pressing it. Its simple and labor-saving features are very popular with everyone. However, it is often pressed and the service life may not be long.

Sliding door pulleys, guide rails and clothing through the general sliding door wardrobe hardware accessories are the same as the cabinet, but now the wardrobe is mostly sliding door wardrobe, the wardrobe hardware generally includes: sliding door pulley, slide rail and clothing pass.

The pulleys of the closet are generally divided into an upper wheel and a lower wheel. The main duty of the upper wheel is to make the sliding door move smoothly, and the lower wheel is more responsible for the weight.

Wardrobe sliding door guides are grooves or ridges made of metal or other materials used to guide and define the pulley. The sliding door guide rails are also damped, generally installed at the upper rails, and each side is provided with one. The main function is to buffer the anti-collision mute.

Yitong is also known as the clothes rail. The structure is divided into clothes-through seat and clothes-through rod. It is generally made of aluminum alloy material, which has high hardness and strong bearing capacity.

Many garments will add a process line to the surface, which not only has a decorative effect, but also has an anti-slip effect.

Nowadays, there is a rotary clothes hanging on the market that can be rotated to turn the innermost clothes to the front, which is very convenient.

And it can satisfy a large number of clothes hanging storage, the storage amount is about 3 times that of a single clothes. Of course, the price is also relatively expensive, and it is not recommended for general households.

What are the brands of hardware?

Brands with better hardware are Germany's Hettich, Austria's Blum, Germany's Case BMW, and domestic DTC.

But Hettich hardware is more used in industry, and now the most recognized brand on the market is Blum.

Many big brand cabinets, such as Europa, Zhibang, Aidefajia hinges and drawer guides, are used by Blum. Its opening life can be as high as 100,000 times, 365 days a year, even if it is opened 20 times a day, it can be opened for 20 years.

In the general cabinet, the drawer rails and hinges are the same brand, but because the cost of the drawer rails is very high, some merchants will save money on this side, such as the Blum for hinges, but the drawer guides are used by themselves. Brands or other brands, if you ask to do Blum, you need to add extra money. When buying a cabinet, this must be asked.

The baskets are basically not Blum, and the common brands of the baskets include Case Baume, Gaogao, Kabe and so on. Nowadays, many big brand cabinets on the market, such as the European and Edfa households, are all from Germany.

How to buy hardware?

General hinges do not need to be purchased separately and are included in the cabinet and wardrobe package. However, the damper is generally not in the package! Need to be purchased separately. The price is not expensive, the price of a Blum damper is about 10 yuan.

General cabinets and wardrobe packages do not contain gas support, even if it is included, it is also sent less, such as the love wins cabinets to send two gas support.

The gas support brand is different, and the disparity between prices will be a bit big. An ordinary "free stop" will cost more than 100 yuan, and a Blum's "free stop" price may cost more than 900 yuan.

The general cabinet is 3 meters long and will send 3 drawers. If you want more drawers, you need to buy it separately. A Blum's bottom damping rail needs about 300-500 yuan.

The general cabinet package does not include a pull basket. If you buy it alone, a high-slung basket will cost about 400 yuan, and a Case Bazaar basket will cost about 700-1000 yuan.

The external handles are generally included in the cabinet package. The purchaser does not need to value the brand too much. The quality of each brand is similar. Choose your favorite style.

Hardware installation

As the saying goes, "three points to buy, seven points to install", the quality of hardware accessories installation directly affects the use of cabinet functions.

Although most hardware accessories are not installed by themselves, but are installed by professionals when installing cabinets, but they also have to eat snacks, and must not be "hands-on shopkeepers." Otherwise, after the installation, there is a problem, and it has to be tossed.

Hardware installation should pay attention to the following points:

1 Hinges, gas stays, handles and other hardware installations require drilling, and drilling should be completed before the painter works.

2Be sure to confirm the hole distance before drilling. The hole distance generally refers to the distance between the two screw holes of the hardware base such as hinge and handle. The general specifications are 32mm, otherwise it is a multiple of 32. The hole depth and the screw must be tightly jointed. If the installation is not strong, the hinge will slip in a few days.

3 handle installation should be ergonomic. Simply put, it is effortless. To do this, do not bend over with the handle below, and do not use a ladder with the handle above.

4 The painted hardware should be covered with a thick rag, otherwise it is easy to remove the paint.

5 baskets are generally customized according to the size of the cabinet. If you buy the basket separately, the cabinet size provided to the merchant must be accurate.

6 drawers and baskets should be installed as far as possible, so that you can use the space and pack more things. Pay attention to check the level of the slide rail during installation, and do not appear to be high on one side and low on the side.

7 pull baskets generally require some upswings to ensure that the screws are more secure. If the screw is not fastened, it will easily cause the basket to fall off.

8 seasoning basket is best placed on the right hand side of the stove, so it is convenient to take seasoning when cooking. The bowl and basket pull basket panel is also best plugged with the rising bolt, because the basket and the panel are strenuous before and after, the time is long, and the screw is easily pulled off.

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