The Good Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jan 09, 2019 -

The Good Design of Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen, this warm and practical place, always gives you the gentlest comfort when you are in your heart and empty.

The kitchen cabinet, as the heart of the kitchen, should be designed with care. According to the space, reasonable planning, and careful design, the kitchen cabinet can become a real beauty and strength.

kitchen cabinet design, the principle you should follow

The overall design pays attention to the function

The first essential point of furniture design should be for people to use, the comfort is the key, which is what we often say "function first". Therefore, the first premise of designing kitchen cabinets is the display of practical functions. The design emphasizes the rationality of the space layout. While ensuring sufficient operation space, it also needs to set a rich storage space.

The kitchen cabinet design is ergonomic

A kitchen cabinet that satisfies the user must be designed with the user's various factors in mind. From the kitchen cabinet to the counter, the height of the kitchen cabinet needs to be designed in combination with personal height and operating habits.

The general standard for the height of the kitchen cabinet: the height is 165CM, the height is lower than 165CM is 80CM; the height above 165CM is 85CM.

Under normal circumstances, the height of the kitchen cabinet is between 50CM and 60CM, and the distance from the ground should be between 145CM and 150CM. This height is suitable for the height of most users, and can spare no effort to get the items in the kitchen cabinet.

The height of the standard kitchen countertop is 80CM, but the design needs to take into account the actual situation of the user. So we can use the following formula to make a more reasonable calculation.

Formula 1: One-half of height + (5~10CM), taking the height of 165CM as an example, the calculation result of the table height is 82.5+5=87.5, and the ideal height is 90CM.

Formula 2: Height × 0.54, taking the height 165CM as an example, the calculation results of the table height: 165 × 0.54 = 89.1, the ideal height is 90CM.

N choices for kitchen cabinet countertop materials

Face value: solid wood countertops

The kitchen cabinet countertop made of solid wood material is the one with the highest overall cost and value. The texture and texture of the solid wood comes full of style without the need for decoration. There is an unspeakable beauty in the elegant and simple style, which exudes a dignified and chic temperament.

Although the solid surface of the solid wood material is super high, it is extremely demanding for the surrounding environment. It should be sealed and antibacterial and waterproof in the early stage of use. Otherwise, moldy cracking is a matter of minutes.

Temperament: natural stone countertops

The countertops made of natural stone such as marble, granite and jade are hard to wear and have good wear resistance, making them the first choice for many people. The natural texture and warm texture of the stone, with the innate noble temperament, let the kitchen gas field open.

Natural stone is cut. A large number of splicing gaps are particularly easy to hide and smear, and the hardness is large. Once damaged, it cannot be repaired. Therefore, it is not only necessary to clean up in time, but also to protect the countertop carefully.

Practical responsibility: artificial stone countertops

The artificial stone countertop is a kind of countertop material that is very popular nowadays. It is divided into two types: seam and seamless. On the counter tops, seamless artificial stone countertops are the most frequently used. The countertop of this material looks simple and clean, with a sense of pride, but inadvertently warms up the space.

There are many advantages of artificial stone, which is a kind of material that is easier to clean, but because it is a mixture of multiple materials, it is prone to breakage in the later stage, and this should be considered in the selection.

High cold duty: stainless steel countertop

Stainless steel countertops are a popular material in today's industrial winds, and the seamless design gives the entire kitchen cabinet a strong overall feel. Relatively cold texture, showing a calm and restrained beauty.

Although stainless steel countertops are said to be the easiest to clean material, they are also the most prone to bacteria, so they need to be kept clean and tidy at all times.

The design of the kitchen cabinet is dry, I hope everyone can choose the kitchen cabinet they like, to create a more comfortable experience for daily cooking, so that the kitchen can have their own style.

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