The Environmental Kitchen Cabinets

- Aug 06, 2018 -

The Environmental Kitchen Cabinets

Modern people buy kitchen cabinets, 80% of them will give priority to environmental protection, and then consider brand, board, design, style, etc., then how to choose environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets, we recommend that we must pay attention to kitchen cabinets, edge sealing Details such as drawers and drawers help you choose a truly environmentally friendly kitchen cabinet.

The edge of the board is good or bad, which directly determines the environmental performance. The side panels of the formal enterprises are all edged on all four sides of the side panels. The thickness is more than 1mm. The sealing edge machine is matched with the imported hot melt glue. Well, the owner should carefully examine the production strength of the brand. In terms of details, please note that there is a row of drill holes on the inner kitchen cabinet of the kitchen cabinet. If there is no cover, even if the sheet itself meets the environmental requirements, the formaldehyde in the kitchen cabinet will slowly leak along the small hole. Environmentally-friendly kitchen cabinets will be filled with holes to minimize the amount of formaldehyde released from the kitchen cabinet.


It is worth noting that many kitchen cabinet companies use single-sided MDF or Polaroid plates as backing materials for kitchen cabinets. These backing materials are veneered on one side and bare on the other. This exposed surface does not prevent the release of formaldehyde. If it is a production-standard enterprise, the backboard of the kitchen cabinet should be double-sided pasteboard, which is what the merchant often says about the Lushui River particle board.


In addition, whether the kitchen cabinet is environmentally friendly is not limited to the problem of the board, and the noise of the door panel is also a kind of pollution. In the use of kitchen cabinets, the number of opening and closing of the door panels is the most, and the quality of the hinges is very important. Often, the salesperson introduces you to "We are the accessories of Blum". "Bailon" is indeed a good quality brand. However, if you are giving special kitchen cabinets, you should be aware that these accessories are not necessarily "standard". Many dealers will play the means of "stealing the pillars". You should pay attention to the fact that the kitchen cabinet accessories of well-known brands are generally printed with a specific LOGO logo. Moreover, in order to reduce the impact of the door and reduce the noise generated when the door is closed, the door will be equipped with a hinge damper to reduce the rebound speed of the door and effectively extend the service life. The anti-collision strip can enhance the sealing property of the kitchen cabinet board and prevent the board from being deformed by moisture.


Sharing another knowledge, replacing the wooden structure with metal support under the countertop is also an effective way to extend the use time of the countertop. The metal flexible structure of the well-known brand, the unique connection of the under-surface track and the lock card can prevent the artificial stone countertop. Deformation and cracking.

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