The Different Styles Of Kitchen Cabinet

- Aug 16, 2018 -

The Different Styles of Kitchen Cabinet

Generally speaking, the style of the kitchen cabinet is determined according to the materials used. It can be either rural or modern, or it can be... Let's take a look at the specific classification of the kitchen cabinet style!

First, modern minimalist style kitchen cabinet

Panel material: Most of them are UV board, baking varnish board, melamine board and vitrified board.

Keywords: simple and clean, bright colors

Suitable for the crowd: young white-collar workers who are eager to pursue fashion

Modern kitchen cabinets will have fireproof panels or lacquered panels, which can satisfy many office workers without having to spend more time each day to manage, and its design is simple and bright, which is the favorite of many young people.


Second, rural rustic style kitchen cabinet

Panel material: solid wood, PVC molded blister board

Keywords: tranquility, natural simplicity

Suitable for the crowd: people who admire the natural character

The rustic kitchen cabinets are simple, quiet and even rustic, perhaps because of the fast-paced life pressures of the contemporary, so that the rustic kitchen cabinets are more and more popular. Cooking delicious dishes in the kitchen with rustic kitchen cabinets, comfort and freedom, but also makes people feel relaxed.


Third, pragmatic style kitchen cabinet

Panel material: melamine board, fire board.

Keywords: affordable, simple and practical

Suitable for the crowd: wage earners who are not rich in income

The pragmatic kitchen cabinets are good at taking advantage of other styles, with practical, convenient and comfortable principles. Denying the slick and decorative decoration, opposing the design trend of blindly following the trend, emphasizing the practical value of the design, so that the kitchen cabinet is perfectly combined between product function and shape.


Fourth, modern avant-garde style kitchen cabinet

Panel material: PVC molded plastic panel, metal texture panel, crystal steel plate.

Keywords: distinctive, lively jumping

Suitable for the crowd: a young man with avant-garde open personality

The kitchen decoration should follow the fashion trend, and the practical and high-value modern avant-garde kitchen cabinet will make the home life more relaxed and comfortable. Simple but not simple, there is no trace of drag and tear, no complicated decoration, but because of the precise grasp of the design, the kitchen cabinet meets the needs of human visual psychology and meets the needs of its own functions.


Five, classical European kitchen cabinets

Panel material: solid wood

Keywords: nostalgic complex, elegant and noble

Suitable for the crowd: successful people with mature and stable personality

Classical European kitchen cabinets are not only luxurious, but more pleasant and romantic. Through the perfect curve, the fine details of the treatment, bringing a comfortable touch. Classical European kitchen cabinets are suitable for large-scale kitchens. If the space is too small, it will not only show its style, but will create a sense of oppression.


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