The Different Material Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 02, 2018 -

The different material of kitchen cabinets

1.Molded kitchen cabinets

Molded kitchen cabinets, as the name suggests, are molded kitchen cabinets doors or body panels. Molded kitchen cabinets not only have wood grain similar to that of solid wood kitchen cabinets, but also have good waterproof and environmental performance, and they have strong plasticity.

Molded kitchen cabinets have a good color, long-term use will not crack, a small degree of deformation. The use of blister door panels in one piece to solve the problem of edge opening and opening. Resist scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant and easy to maintain.

However, due to the reasons of the mold, it cannot be exposed to high temperatures for a long time. Bottom support material cannot be made of MDF. High-strength compression will cause it to deform. If an open flame occurs, the outer film will be burned.

2. Double facing kitchen cabinets

Double-fabricated kitchen cabinets are also known as melamine boards, egeboard, and MFC. They are kitchen cabinets made from double-edged panels. The industry prefers to call them eco-boards. The full name is melamine-impregnated paper-coated veneer panels.

Its substrate is medium-density board, particleboard and other wood-based panels, melamine impregnated with a variety of colors and patterns of decorative paper on the outside, high temperature hot-pressed adhesive, both inside and outside the floral decoration, is widely used in kitchen cabinets Made on.

The primary advantage of double-fabricated kitchen cabinets is that they do not have to be painted, and paints are not used to reduce contamination. Form a protective film on the surface, wear resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistant, hot resistance, and pollution resistance. And rich colors, diverse lines, suitable for a variety of home style.

But compared with solid wood or aluminum alloy kitchen cabinets, the double veneer looks slightly lower. There are also some problems in the quality of the double veneer, such as: the edge of the veneer is easy to collapse, and glue marks are obvious.

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