The Different Material For Kitchen Cabinets Countertop

- Sep 25, 2018 -

The Different Material for Kitchen Cabinets Countertop

The whole kitchen cabinet is the main component of the modern kitchen, and the countertop is the core component of the kitchen cabinet. Nowadays, the most common countertops of kitchen cabinet are quartz stone countertops. In addition, there are composite acrylic countertops, stainless steel countertops and wooden countertops.

1. Quartz stone countertop of kitchen cabinet

What are the materials used in the countertops?

At present, more than 80% of the countertops of the whole kitchen cabinet should use quartz stone. Quartz stone countertops of kitchen cabinet have many obvious advantages, which is currently the mainstream.

The hardness of quartz is extremely high, and it is not afraid of scratches on sharp objects;

Acid and alkali resistant to high temperature, the burnt pot is placed directly without problems;

Non-toxic, non-radiative, safe and durable;

There are a lot of colors and texture effects that can be done, and the color value is easy to match with the kitchen cabinet.

To say that there are also shortcomings of quartz stone, such as seams, it is difficult to achieve "seamless seamlessness". Similarly, if you want to make a water barrier in front of the platform, the aesthetics will be inferior to the acrylic countertop.

2. Stainless steel countertop of kitchen cabinet

What are the materials used in the countertops of kitchen cabinet?

Stainless steel countertops of kitchen cabinet have more obvious advantages and disadvantages, which makes people who like them like it very much. People who don't like it will definitely not choose.

The advantages of stainless steel countertops of kitchen cabinet are better integrated with quartz stone and other materials, there is no "seam" problem of quartz stone, and if you do "under the basin technology", you can directly weld the stainless steel sink and countertop. Do "integral". It is very convenient to clean. It is never afraid that soy sauce will penetrate into the countertop, and it is not afraid of high temperature.

The disadvantages of stainless steel countertops of kitchen cabinet are also obvious, scratches, scratches can't be repaired, if stainless steel with embossed surface ice will alleviate this problem. There is also a stainless steel material that will make the kitchen look like a hotel kitchen, and the coldness is not enough.

3. Wooden countertops of kitchen cabinet

The wooden countertops are more niche materials. The main advantage is that the kitchen can look more warm and warmer. However, there are still many concerns about the kitchens that are used frequently and practical. For example, the strength of wood is also a lot worse. Although the surface can be protected with varnish or other techniques, the probability of a problem will increase over time.

In addition, the solid wood with high density is mostly expensive. It is estimated to be more expensive than stone and stainless steel. If you use more kitchen cooking, you should consider it carefully.

No matter what kind of material is used, first of all, white is a versatile color. There are more people to choose, but white is also more difficult to maintain. Whether it is quartz or acrylic, it may be contaminated, so you should pay attention to it during use. If there is smudge, wipe it off in time, and it will probably infiltrate if it is not rubbed for several days. Or you can also consider the dark countertop with a light-colored kitchen cabinet.

There is also iron on the table to pay attention to clean, wet environment is easy to rust, although the stone itself will not rust, but the iron rust if it penetrates the table, it is basically difficult to save.

The height of the countertop can generally be designed according to the height of ÷2 plus a height of 2-5 cm. In addition, the design of the countertop can be considered as high. The countertop of the preparation area can be slightly higher. The vegetable cutting can not be bent; the cooking area can be slightly Lower, cooking can be used without arms, see a difference of 5-10 cm.

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