The Different Material Countertops Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Sep 11, 2018 -

The Different Material Countertops of Kitchen Cabinets

Natural marble natural texture but crack defects

Prone to cracking Natural marble has a variety of beautiful textures, but its natural micro-cracks will rupture after a long time of use.

It is difficult to wipe the crack in daily cleaning. It is inevitable that some residue will be permanently filled into the crack with the wipe of the rag, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Non-negligible radiation Natural stone will have more or less radiation, which may cause harm to human health.

Granite natural material with good antibacterial properties

The density is greatly weakened as a hidden countertop of kitchen cabinets material. As a traditional kitchen cabinet countertop of kitchen cabinets material, granite has a high density, high hardness and a very wear-resistant surface, which reduces the possibility of hiding dirt to a certain extent.

Better antibacterial performance tests have shown that granite is more resistant to bacterial regeneration in all materials that can be used in kitchen countertop of kitchen cabinets.

The limitation of natural materials The length of natural stone is usually not long, so if you want to make a long overall table, there will be seams, and these seams are also easy to hide dirt.

If you really like natural materials, granite with strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, but you should pay special attention to the seam level of construction workers.

Stainless steel countertop of kitchen cabinets have the best antibacterial properties

The excellent antibacterial performance test of stainless steel countertop of kitchen cabinets shows that stainless steel has the highest antibacterial regenerative capacity among all materials currently available for kitchen countertop of kitchen cabinets.

The appearance of the stainless steel countertop of kitchen cabinets is very avant-garde, and the sparkling crystal is not dirty.

(1) Health and environmental protection: zero formaldehyde, no radiation, antibacterial; quality to create a noble life;

(2) Fashion and elegance: metal elements, the appearance of the atmosphere is heavy;

(3) sturdy and durable, corrosion resistant, no cracking;

(4) Resistance to temperature: strong toughness, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and penetration resistance;

(5) Bright as new: the board is rich in color, overall shape, easy to clean, always shiny and new.

The joint of the fireproof section is not well bridged

Most of them are low-priced MDF. Most of the materials used in the manufacture of fireproof panels in China are low-priced MDF, which cannot provide effective guarantees in terms of performance and environmental protection.

Seamless splicing is difficult. Fire slabs have the same length limitations as natural stone. It is difficult to join the section. No matter whether it is glued with silicone or metal strip, it is impossible to achieve perfect seamless splicing. These gaps are naturally a "hotbed" of bacterial dirt.

Tiles are not easy to clean

Overheating and overheating are easy to break. The tiles used for the countertop of kitchen cabinets have the same physical properties as the wall tiles. Although they are very durable, they are easily broken under the impact of heavy objects, and the objects that are overheated or too cold will be placed on them for a long time. damage.

Splicing tiles will definitely have gaps. Even if it is a seamless tile, it will leave a much larger gap between bricks and bricks than other materials. It is very inconvenient to clean, the hidden dangers are self-evident, and the caulking agent is easy. Blackening, mildew may also occur in quality.

Quartz stone countertop of kitchen cabinets

Stone-like but non-radiative artificial stone has a rich texture and color. It is completely comparable to stone and easy to clean. It is an ideal substitute for natural marble.

The price of real quartz stone is relatively high, but many unscrupulous merchants make false impressions in order to make money to produce inferior quartz stone. When processing quartz stone, it adopts inferior material with excessive bubble, weak penetration resistance and insufficient hardness. The produced quartz stone is not wear-resistant, and it is easy to drop the powder. In installation and use, it may be due to excessive powder inhalation. It causes respiratory diseases; in order to reduce the cost, the formaldehyde-containing glue acts as a solvent, and after processing into a countertop of kitchen cabinets, excess formaldehyde will remain, and the strong formaldehyde smell will be continuously volatilized within 3-5 years, and the indoor air is not circulating or the temperature is too high. The environment accelerates the volatilization of such toxic substances, and it is highly likely to cause cancer when exposed for a long time. In the production process, inferior inorganic materials containing heavy metals such as lead or cadmium are directly added to the organic solvent. After entering the family, these inferior quartz stone plates will pass through harmful substances such as heavy metals and directly enter the digestive system with food as a carrier, endangering human health.

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