The Different Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

- Aug 11, 2018 -

The Different Kitchen Cabinets countertops

Wooden kitchen cabinets countertop

Natural comfort and create an atmosphere

The wood material has a natural texture and warm color, which can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, giving people a sense of returning to the original, and the wood is easy to cut, suitable for irregular kitchen space.

Most of the kitchen cabinets countertops used today are mostly solid wood. The texture and color of the solid wood itself are especially popular, and because it is a wooden material, it can also adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

The warm wood has beautiful wood grain and is suitable for use in a variety of styles of kitchen. Even in the modern cool style kitchen with a lot of glass or stainless steel, because of the addition of solid wood, it will feel a little warmer.

When choosing, it is best to choose the kind of wood that grows slowly and has a high density. The price will be relatively high. There are also spliced solid wood kitchen cabinets countertops with favorable price on the market. Many readers will worry about the cracking of wooden kitchen cabinets countertops. The kitchen cabinets countertops must have been treated with antibacterial and waterproofing.

The wooden kitchen cabinets countertops, the color and the calmness and generosity, are completely unrepressed, and will not look awkward with any material cooktop panel.

Here to remind everyone to pay attention: the price difference between wooden kitchen cabinets countertops is relatively large, such as solid wood material will be more expensive.

Fireproof board

Rich in color, beautiful and durable

The fireproof board is actually a particle board (wooden board), the price is more affordable than the solid wood, and the pattern is available in a variety of styles, and any pattern can be used, and the surface fireproof performance is better. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to hot, always need to use the pot mat, dirty immediately wipe, do not use sharp objects to draw, clean to be diligent, if it is a lazy cancer patient, it is still used with caution.

Fireproof panels are the more common kitchen cabinets countertop materials, and many cabinets are also used.

Marble kitchen cabinets countertop

Simple and beautiful, hard and durable

Marble is a kind of natural rock. It has the characteristics of no deformation, high hardness, strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is very suitable for use in kitchen kitchen cabinets countertops.

However, there are many pores on the surface of the marble, and the dirt easily penetrates into it. Therefore, if you want to use natural stone as the kitchen kitchen cabinets countertop, in addition to sealing once every two years to seal the pores of the surface, you need to clean it very diligently.

In addition to granite, there is also a material similar to granite, called granite. This material is mainly user decoration

Artificial quartz stone kitchen cabinets countertops are beautiful and durable, cost-effective

Quartz stone is also a kind of artificial stone. The difference is that it is made by breaking quartz stone and then bonding with resin. Quartz stone kitchen cabinets countertops are very hard, not afraid of scratches, but also resistant to acid and alkali oil; and its only drawback is that the stitching can not be seamless, there will be some traces.

And with the development of science and technology, quartz stone kitchen cabinets countertops are more and more shaped. For example, at the 2018 kitchen and bathroom exhibition, the kitchen cabinets have introduced the latest cabinet kitchen cabinets countertops, using quartz stone, specially designed into the texture of the rock board, and feels concave and convex. .

Moreover, the intelligent sensing function is added on the kitchen cabinets countertop, the handle is gently put on, and the door light strip is bright, which is especially suitable for getting up in the middle of the night, and will not be sleepy because of turning on the light.

Quartz stone is also commonly used nowadays, with the use of various new materials, the design of marble is also more and more

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets countertop

High-tech, durable and environmentally friendly

If the home is simple or industrial, stainless steel kitchen cabinets countertops are a good choice. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets countertops are known as the most easy to clean kitchen cabinets countertops, except that they are resistant to fire and heat, easy to clean, and because they are antibacterial; and stainless steel and artificial stone can be seamlessly integrated.

At the just-concluded 2018 kitchen and bathroom show, many stainless steel kitchen cabinets countertops were also seen. Many cabinet designs are made of stainless steel, rich in color and diverse in materials.

But the only problem with stainless steel kitchen cabinets countertops is that they have poor wear resistance and are particularly easy to spend. Moreover, the steel plate of the stainless steel table top is not thick, and will be deformed to be drum after being heated for a long time.

Stainless steel material is more expensive in many people's impressions, but as far as I know, some factory outlets will be cheaper.

Terrazzo kitchen cabinets countertop

New favorite in the kitchen, artistic sense

The ancient terrazzo was originally approachable and is ideal for art deco and styles that are now prevalent. The terrazzo is a product obtained by mixing gravel, glass, quartz stone and other materials into a cement binder after grinding and polishing. Therefore, most of the time it appears rough, long construction period and high cost.

By now, the manufacturing process of terrazzo has been improved several levels. The current terrazzo is extremely smooth and its curvilinear expression is ideal for art deco and styles that are now prevalent. The place of application is also very extensive. In addition to the ground, it is widely used in walls, kitchen cabinets countertops and other places.

The terrazzo is not cracked, resistant to rolling, high in cleanliness, stain and corrosion resistant, and can basically be used as a substitute for marble kitchen cabinets countertops.

The use of terrazzo is very extensive. In addition to being used in cabinet kitchen cabinets countertops, terrazzo can be seen in all aspects of life such as walls, floors, stairs, furniture, accessories, etc. Because of its beautiful appearance and ever-changing color, it becomes a home. The new darling of the world.

Of course, the terrazzo floor also has inevitable shortcomings, such as heavy weight, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive in handling, especially for some floors with high-rise or load-bearing requirements, which may not be very suitable. Therefore, if you like terrazzo, you should choose according to actual needs and living habits.

Cooker panel

Rich in materials to meet the needs of electrical appliances

Whether your home is a gas stove, induction cooker, or electric radiant furnace, there is no need for a cooktop panel. It is a must-have item in the kitchen. There are many materials for the panel.

With the development of science and technology, the cooker panel is more and more advanced. The cooker panel has good high-temperature impact performance and can be used on the surface of the cooktop. It is safe, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, energy-saving, and easy to clean. In electric stoves and induction cookers.

Rock plate

Rough texture, durable and environmentally friendly

Rock slabs are also an increasingly popular kitchen cabinets countertop material. At the kitchen and bathroom exhibition that just ended this year, I saw many cabinet brands using rock slab materials.

The rock plate has high hardness, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance and long life. It is also effective against oil stains, anti-aging, fading, health and environmental protection, etc. The surface void ratio is almost zero and the color is natural. There are also ultra-thin slabs on the market that are easy to cut and can be used as wall coverings. The price of rock plates is relatively expensive, and many new products at this kitchen and bathroom show have not been priced.

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