The Different Door Panel Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Aug 21, 2018 -

The Different Door Panel of Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood door panels kitchen cabinets:

The surface of the solid wood door kitchen cabinets has a relatively natural texture, the overall effect is very luxurious, and the simple lines have also been loved by many owners. The color of the door frame is numerous, and the common ones are cherry wood color, oak color, walnut color, etc., which can maintain the color of the wood well and the shape is beautiful. But because the style is biased towards the classical style, the kitchen needs to be more spacious, and the floor tiles with antique design are better.

Advantages: environmental protection, good texture, natural texture, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance.

Disadvantages: high price, low selectivity, difficult maintenance, poor acid and alkali resistance.

The price of solid wood door panels kitchen cabinets is relatively high. It is best to choose regular manufacturers and perfect after-sales services when purchasing. Moreover, solid wood door panels kitchen cabinets cannot be cleaned with steel balls and chemicals, which can cause scratches and erosion. The kitchen should be dry and clean to prevent water accumulation. It is better to cause the solid wood door panel kitchen cabinets to be deformed and decayed for a long time.

Metal door panel kitchen cabinets:

Metal door panels kitchen cabinets are popular abroad, avant-garde fashion, but the sense of touch and visual chilling makes many owners discouraged. However, the metal door panels are more durable and can be used even in small kitchens, reflecting its simplicity and style.

Advantages: wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, simple and elegant lines, easy to clean, long life, environmental protection, no odor.

Disadvantages: The color is cold, whether it is touch or vision, you can not feel the warmth, easy to deform, easy to create pits, and not easy to repair.

Metal door panels kitchen cabinets cannot be cleaned with steel balls. Cotton cloth is required. Professional cleaning agents are required for cleaning. Avoid acid and friction cleaners and paints. And the metal can't touch salty things like salt, so you need to clean the surface often.

Painted door panel kitchen cabinets:

The color of the paint door kitchen cabinets is rich and bright, giving a strong visual impact, beautiful and stylish. The door panel substrate is a MDF, and the surface needs to be baked at a high temperature for 6 times of painting (three bottoms, two sides, one light). The kitchen cabinets surface needs to be polished, primed, dried and polished. There are three types of bright, matte and metal paint. The space size of the kitchen is not high, so pay attention to the color of the door panel through different kitchen patterns.

Advantages: bright color, strong anti-staining ability, easy to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-free, non-fading

Insufficient: It is difficult to fix scratches after bumping, and it is easy to produce chromatic aberration.

When you choose, you need to see if the paint is even and the border is out. You cannot use a steel ball when wiping, you need a cotton cloth.

Polymer door panel kitchen cabinets:

At present, the market is mainly divided into two types: bright light and matte. The color is bright and the quality is also good, and it is more durable than baking paint. The polymer door plate is also called plastic plate, the substrate is MDF, and the surface is vacuum-blended. It is the most mature kitchen cabinets material and is one of the most suitable materials for the people. The kitchen space is not demanding, and it is more suitable for a simple and bright style kitchen.

Advantages: It is not easy to crack and deform, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, rich in color, no need for edge sealing, no open glue problem, and simple daily maintenance.

Insufficient: The surface is a PVC film, which has poor high temperature resistance and short life.

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