The Different Color Of Kitchen Cabinets​

- Jun 05, 2018 -

The Different Color of Kitchen cabinets

Iron open frame + aluminum frame glass door

Since the mix-and-match style has been recognized as a home improvement design style, it gives people a feeling of ease, randomness, and personality that is loved by many people. The mix and design of Krone's time series wrought iron open frame + aluminum frame glass door shows a strong industrial flavor while also breaking the boring kitchen cabinet structure and making it transparent. While highlighting personalization, let the kitchen space be uniquely colored. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Krone era of the Wrigley kitchen cabinet uses color mixing, black and white gray as the main color, color matching high kitchen cabinet to increase visual fun, in order to better meet the living requirements of the younger generation, striving for simplicity in style, using effective space to create Comfortable living environment.


Elegant white + wood grain

White is especially suitable for those who like to enjoy a quiet life. It can be said to be a timeless color. Say white is wild, can match any other color, and create a different effect. The Wrigley kitchen cabinet Harajuku series has a large area of white and a combination of light-colored wood to create a bright, fresh kitchen space. The pure white color makes the space look more open, and adds light wood embellishment to make the space more warm and natural. Leading everyone to return to nature, return to nature, and find the sense of home.


White rock board + black iron

The mashup style emphasizes “dispersion and divine separation,” and all the aggregations are just to create a thematic style for the home environment. Wrigley kitchen cabinet Como era series of white rock texture doors and black rough wrought iron combination to create a new industrial style kitchen space. The mysterious and cool black, elegant and quiet white, natural wood grain, mix and match more changes at the level, let the kitchen space more three-dimensional, people let go of tired nerves and enjoy the soul of freedom!


Olive green + dumb white oak

Mixing is not only the matching of colors, the matching of materials is also very important. The Wrigley kitchen cabinets Annecy town cleverly combines material and color. The olive green plastic door panel is combined with dumb white oak wood to enrich the content of the texture, breaking the monotony and boring of the same kind of material and creating unexpected vision. effect. Create a cozy petty kitchen space that incorporates natural culture!


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