The Different Board Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Aug 07, 2018 -

The Different Board of Kitchen Cabinets

Fireproof board of kitchen cabinets: The standard name of fireproof board is fireproof board. Fireproof board is just a customary saying, but it is not really not afraid of fire, but has certain fire resistance. The fireproof board is made of a fireproof board, and the particle board is used as a substrate (also used as a density board), which is made by pressing the kitchen cabinet factory. Compared with melamine plates, fire board processing is more troublesome. Many decoration teams and kitchen cabinet factories do not have special machine pressure plates. They use some soil methods to press the plates, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The fireproof board veneer is three layers, and the melamine board has only one layer of veneer. Therefore, the wear resistance, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance of the general fireproof board are better than that of the melamine board. The fireproof board has a bright color and gives a new look. However, the fireproof board top is easily eroded by water and moisture, and improper use may result in degumming, deformation, and substrate expansion.

Melamine board of kitchen cabinets: The melamine board is made of melamine on the surface of particleboard or MDF, and its extended type has a metal frame at the edge. Similar to fireproof board, it has the properties of anti-friction, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, heat-resistant acid hot alkali and so on. The refractory board has various natural colors and textures, but there is no three-dimensional shape. The metal edge banding and the aluminum alloy groove handle only increase the decorativeness, and there is not much effect from the practical effect.

Paint board of kitchen cabinets: Paint board is divided into paint and polyester paint. Baking varnish is composed of resin and additives and can be polished and polished. The polyester lacquer adopts the painting process, which does not need to be baked. The surface is matt effect without polishing, and the firmness and adhesion are emphasized. A good polyester lacquer falls off in powder form, while ordinary sheets fall off.

Solid wood board of kitchen cabinets: Solid wood board is divided into pure solid wood board, solid wood composite board and solid wood veneer. Pure solid wood board has higher consistency requirements for wood species, overall natural, luxurious and classic, and good effect; solid wood composite board is made of solid wood splicing material, and the surface is covered with solid wood skin, which can achieve the visual effect of solid wood; solid wood veneer is in The surface of the MDF is double-coated with solid wood. The solid wood composite board and the solid wood veneer can avoid the chromatic aberration and defects of the surface raw materials, achieve the same texture color effect, and are not easy to be deformed.

Pvc board of kitchen cabinets: The materials used by different manufacturers are different, and the quality is also uneven.

Crystal plate of kitchen cabinets: The crystal plate is plexiglass plate after being painted on the surface of the plate. Because of its packaging, edge sealing, trimming and other processes, it is completely manual operation, and the characteristics of the plexiglass itself have many disadvantages. The crystal plate is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has poor flame retardant properties, and has no compression resistance.

Plastic frame board: The plastic frame board is decorated with some plastic decorative bread on the surface of the substrate. Most of this material is hand-operated. It is very beautiful at the beginning, with rich color and color. It is easy to deform, fall off and twist after a long time. Faded and there are many clean corners.

Solid wood type of kitchen cabinets : solid wood kitchen cabinet door panels, the style is mostly classical, usually high price. The solid wood door is divided into solid wood core door and solid wood veneer door. The general door frame is solid wood, mainly cherry wood color, walnut color and oak color. The door core has a medium-density board with solid wood skin, and also has a solid wood door core. In the production, the solid wood surface is generally made into a concave-convex shape, and the exterior paint is sprayed, thereby maintaining the color of the log and the shape is beautiful. This can ensure the special visual effect of the solid wood, and the combination of the frame and the core board can ensure the strength of the door panel.

Blister type of kitchen cabinets: The plastic sheet substrate is a MDF, the surface is vacuum-blended or a seamless PVC film forming process is used. The plastic door panels are rich in color, realistic in wood grain, pure in color, free from cracking and deformation, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant and fade-resistant. They are the most mature kitchen cabinet materials and are easy to maintain. The plastic door panel is a very mature and very popular kitchen cabinet material in Europe. The plastic door panel mainly determines the quality of the door panel.

Melamine veneer type of kitchen cabinets: paper with different colors or textures is immersed in melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, paved on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard, hot pressed to make. In the domestic production of melamine finishes, the indicators have also reached international standards.

Molded type of kitchen cabinets: It is made of MDF as a substrate, and is made of a surface mold PVC as a veneer by high temperature hot pressing. It is divided into two categories: matt molded plate and high-gloss molded plate, which can be processed into various shapes. The surface molds are imported from China, and the imports are generally from Korea, Japan, and Germany. The difference between imported and domestic is the thickness and thinness of the face mold and the wear resistance.

Metallic type of kitchen cabinets: Fine-brushed and polished, metal plate or imitation metal plate with a dense protective layer on the surface. This material has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, simple daily maintenance, fine texture, easy to clean and long life. With the prevalence of metal fashion, this high-grade metal door panel has become a new favorite, and the aluminum veneer panel is the most high-grade door panel. However, it is expensive and suitable for ultra-high-end decoration that is in sync with the world.

Baking paint type of kitchen cabinets: The base material of the baking varnish board is a density board, and the surface is baked at a high temperature by six spray-baked imported lacquers (three bottoms, two sides, one light). The "painting" for kitchen cabinets only illustrates a process in which the paint is treated with a paint drying substrate door that is heated and dried in a drying oven. The paint board is characterized by bright color and easy shape, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-pollution ability and easy to clean. The disadvantage is that the process level is high and the rejection rate is high, so the price is high; the use should be carefully taken care of, fear of bumps and scratches, it will be difficult to repair once the damage occurs, and the whole should be replaced; the kitchen with more soot is prone to appear. Color difference.

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