The Difference Between Woodworking And Professional Customization

- Jul 17, 2018 -

The difference between woodworking and professional customization

1 different materials

Woodworking cabinets:

The use of large core plates, plywood and other common plates, formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, is not good for health; it is also difficult to resist the damp, high temperature, corrosive items in the kitchen.

At the same time, the connection of the cabinet is mostly nail-based, the punching is not accurate, and the time is long and easy to loose.

The whole cabinet:

Solid wood particle board cabinet is used. Paint door panels, solid wood door panels, 3D molded door panels (ie, plastic panels) are not easily damaged and deformed, making it easy to wipe and clean.

At the same time, the connection between the board and the board adopts the detachable connecting piece, so that the cabinet body is perfectly combined in the cabinet door, and the switch is convenient, light, free, free from noise and long in service life.

The gap can be adjusted and replaced regularly. When you move, you can also remove all the packaging, which is good for transportation and does not damage the cabinet.

2 different processes

Woodworking cabinets:

The process is rough and the error is large. The sealing edge of the cabinet is sealed by hand, and the tightness and fineness are not good, let alone the panel and line art shape.

The whole cabinet:

All are industrial production, and there are all kinds of modern special equipment in the factory.

From blanking, punching, assembly, polishing, and installation, there are strict standardization requirements, high temperature and high pressure edge sealing, and the appearance is firm and tidy after sealing.

3 functional design is different

Woodworking cabinets:

Most of them are designed after the kitchen floor is laid, and the pipelines such as wind, water, fire and electricity are “fighting” each other. Basically, there is no more modern scientific design, and there are more problems.

For example, the ergonomic requirements of the kitchen, the five regional functions (including the storage area, kitchen storage area, cleaning area, preparation function area, cooking and baking area) settings, emissions are unscientific. There is no space reserved at the bottom of the console to accommodate the toes.

The whole cabinet:

The design can be started before the kitchen floor decoration, and the various pipelines and sockets are reserved, and the space is arranged reasonably.

At the same time, the design takes full consideration of the activity route of the operators in the kitchen to ensure that the entire operation process is convenient, smooth, save time, save activity routes, reduce repetitive routes, reduce labor intensity, and improve kitchen work efficiency.

4 detachable, secondary use

A set of quality cabinets can last for more than 8 years and can be combined, adjusted and relocated as needed.

Most of the wood cabinets are made on site, directly on the wall such as nails, and if there is a change, they cannot be processed.

5 installation is different

It is more troublesome to install the cabinets because the cabinets are not vertical, so there are gaps in the door panels, especially the corners.

The self-operated cabinets may also have hinge locks that do not close the door panel and the cabinet body, and are easy to fall off; the function of the self-made cabinet kitchen is troublesome to install, and may not be installed.

The customized whole cabinet is cut by a large-scale cutting machine, so as to ensure the straightness of the cabinet, there will be no situation where the door panel and the cabinet are not tight.

6 different grades

Woodworking cabinets:

Without professional design and professional production tools, it is often first to build a dragon skeleton, then inlaid with partitions and door panels, and then one or two cabinets.

Therefore, the product is rough, the taste is very low, only usability (functionality), lack of ornamental, preserved, artistic, and lack of cultural taste.

The whole cabinet:

Reflecting the cabinet is a modern life concept of life, art and culture.

The design involves the fine arts and crafts and the essence of Chinese and foreign cultures. It is spacious and neat, natural and elegant, with beautiful lines and cabinet products.

7 different services

Woodworking cabinets:

There is no quality guarantee, no quality after-sales service, and it is difficult for customers to request maintenance and maintenance.

The whole cabinet:

Like home appliances, we have a complete quality after-sales service system, sound customer files, regular visits, and timely maintenance.

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