The Details Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jul 10, 2018 -

The Details of Kitchen Cabinets

1, cabinet plate thickness

The thickness of the cabinet plates is different and the service life is different. What's more, the market is full of a large number of substandard plates. The thickness is 1.8cm, which is actually only 1.7cm, even thinner. When comparing merchants, don't just look at the price, but also pay attention to the thickness of the board. When signing a custom contract, the thickness of the sheet should also be clarified. Do not verbally promise. When installing, check whether the thickness is up to standard.

2, the partition is to be sealed on all sides

I didn't notice this problem before. As a result, the laminate of the cabinet was only visible and sealed. The other three sides were not directly sealed. In addition to formaldehyde, it will reduce the service life of the board and even mold.

3, the bottom sealing board

It is best to have a sealing plate at the bottom of the cabinet. Don't be unobstructed like my home. There are always potatoes rolling in. Every time you clean, you should lie on the ground and put the broom in. The normal PVC baffle can be used, and the eyes are not annoying, right.

4, do a few drawers

The drawer is more convenient than the cabinet. It can be seen at a glance, and it is suitable for small items. My family mainly puts in bags of seasonings such as dried chilies and peppers. Only the price of the drawer is more expensive, and 2-3 drawers are basically enough.

5, cabinet hinge

The hinge is the most used hardware in the cabinet installation. It must be of good quality, bad quality, easy to break, and rust. I suggest everyone here, ask the master how to adjust the hinge. After the cabinet door has been used for a certain period of time, there will be different degrees of convergence and widening of the gap. At this time, you only need to adjust the hinge yourself.

6, do not forget the front and rear retaining water

Don't think that the merchant is the default standard, be sure to remind you. The back water will basically be done. Some stores in the front block will think that it is a personalized construction. If you don't ask him, you won't do it, or you will add extra money. It is necessary to make a water stop on the countertop. It is very practical to avoid water or oil flowing to the ground when cooking.

7, cabinet countertop

There are many types of countertops in the cabinets, such as fireproof panels, artificial stone, natural marble, etc., depending on your preference, don't choose too cheap, after all, a penny. The stainless steel countertops I chose for my home look relatively low. The advantage of stainless steel countertops is that they are not afraid of cracking and are resistant to roughing and easy to clean. The family often licks chickens and ducks, and there is no problem at all. It is also very convenient to clean. In the past few years, relatives have done business in cabinets, often encounter problems such as stone countertops bursting, oil seepage, etc. Therefore, now the family chooses stainless steel, haha!

8, the door handle should be open

The door handle of the cabinet should be well opened. When cooking, it is inevitable to open the door with wet or greasy hands. It is best to choose a larger handle. My family chose a handle with a groove. It is best not to choose it. It is convenient to use it at the beginning. As the length of the stay became longer, it was found that the handle was easy to accumulate and the oil was greasy.

9, the net red corner frame is not practical

The most difficult space for cabinets is the corner position. Try to consider one-line or L-shaped cabinets. U-shaped cabinets will have two corners. Before the friend used the corner frame, the price is not expensive, and the big point of the key can not be put, if the economic conditions allow you to try boldly. After learning from my friends' experiences, my family has no choice. The position of the corner is directly plugged into various jars of jars. Usually, I like to pick up some pickles and garlic. There are more jars and no waste of space.

10, glass glue

Whether you choose white glass glue or transparent glass glue, if you are moldy, it will be very disgusting. It is best to buy some mildew glass glue, the glass glue of the workers, the quality is generally not good. In a multi-oil and wet kitchen, it will fall in a few days. My family's bathroom is made of the glass glue that the workers bring. It has been moldy and has no intention of re-branding.

11, drain rack

There is no dishwasher installed in the house, and there is no disinfection cabinet. I feel that these appliances are more tasteless. Specially use a cabinet to store dishes. A drain rack was prepared on the countertop. Unused dishes and cabinets are used when there are many people, and there are not many times in all seasons.

Usually used on the drain rack, after washing, put it directly, draining is convenient, do not worry about water soaking the cabinet board. Three meals a day are eaten by myself, and the frequency of use is very good, so I am too lazy to put the cabinets.

12, rice barrel noodle barrel

I like the goods, rice, noodles, all of them are bought in several bags, all of them are cabinets. In addition, a rice bucket and a dough bucket were prepared. The cabinet was specially designed to leave this small space, relatively independent space, not odor, and relatively clean.

13, aluminum foil paper

If your home is going to install cabinets, disinfection cabinets, ovens, dishwashers, etc., you must stick aluminum foil around the appliances, waterproof and high temperature, which can protect the cabinets well. The cabinets under the sink should also be laid, which is the easiest to seep.

14, the position of the spice rack should pay attention to

The position of the spice rack must be selected. This stuff has to take up a lot of space. If it is between the cooktop and the side dish area, you will know that it is too much trouble and it is easy to hit. When the gas pipe is sealed at home, leave a door, add a few layers of partitions, and put enough seasoning bottles. As for the net red spice rack, I need to see it myself. After all, the price is not cheap.

15, the ceiling cabinet to do top

This is a very sensible choice. I would rather have a small bench and not want to look at the full oil. The hanging cabinet is close to the ceiling and there is no gap, so there is no need to worry about the accumulation of dust on the top of the hanging cabinet. If you don’t see your heart, you can’t see it, just fine! As for the space of the hanging cabinet, it is recommended to divide into two layers, and the space of the bottom layer of the movable board can be used to raise the hand. It can be dry goods, etc. The upper space can be placed in a large steamer that is not commonly used.

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