The Design Of Wall Kitchen Cabinets

- Jul 03, 2018 -

The Design of Wall Kitchen Cabinets

When many people order cabinets, if there are no special requirements, the cabinets are generally not top. Even if some friends strongly demand to do the top, the manufacturer will tell you that this is the standard for cabinets. Some people are wondering, the ceiling cabinet is top, it is obvious that the sales and profits of the business should be higher, why is its standard not top? Before answering this question, we must first know the basic form of the cabinet: the upper, middle and lower sections are the three parts of the cabinet, the central area and the hanging cabinet.

First of all, let's first look at the cabinet. Under normal circumstances, for the height of most people, the average height of the cabinet is 800MM, which is more suitable for use. This is the standard size of most cabinet manufacturers. Of course, in actual operation, the cooktop height 750 and the sink height 850 are the most ergonomic, but this is not a standard, and the exact size is determined according to the user's specific height and usage habits. If it is too high, it is inconvenient to operate when cooking, and the arm will be sore. If it is too low, it will be easy for a person with a waist disease to bend back when washing vegetables.

Let’s take a look at the central area: the height between the wall cabinet and base cabinets

First of all, to meet 2 conditions:

(1) The hanging cabinet is generally divided into two compartments, and the lower compartments should be easily accommodated.

(2) When washing vegetables and cutting vegetables, the head must be bent, to meet people not to meet

Therefore, under the constraints of these two conditions, the size of the hanging cabinet is generally 300-350, and the height from the table is 700MM. Because of the above size, almost all the manufacturers of the hood are developing and designing the hood. The design and smoking amount of the hood are designed according to the height of the hanging cabinet and the height of the countertop 700. If it is lifted or lowered, it will also cause problems with the smog or the unsightly or smoking effect. Finally, let's take a look at the hanging cabinet. Why is the height of the wall cabinet designed to be 700 instead of higher? The reasons are generally the following:

(1) The height of the hanging cabinet is designed to be 700, and the lower edge of the upper grid is generally about 1900. For people with normal height, they can get to the position of 1 without stepping on the stool.

(2) It is not advisable to stack things on the hanging cabinet. Otherwise, it is easy to get and put, and it is easy to miss.

(3) The hanging cabinet should not contain heavy objects.

Well, combined with the above data, we can get: the floor cabinet 800+ center area 700+ wall cabinet 700=2200 (excluding the top line) and most kitchens generally have a net height of about 2400, so there will be about 200 space left. . In addition to this, you may have heard this explanation:

(1) If the wall cabinet is 900, the center area 700, and the floor cabinet 800, there will be a top-heavy feeling.

(2) The ceiling cabinet is topped, which is not convenient for the top surface maintenance.

(3) Since the wall cabinet is installed after the ceiling is finished, there is a gap between the ceiling and the ceiling.

However, in general, most of the hanging cabinets on the market do not solve the problem of easy use.

Understand the reason why the general hanging cabinet does not top, let us talk about the inconvenience of not being able to top the hanging cabinet:

(1) Reduced part of the storage space (of course, the impact on the larger kitchen is not very large)

(2) It is not easy to clean above the hanging cabinet, which will deposit oily smoke and dust, which is unsanitary.

Of course, some friends think that this is a psychological effect. As long as the old newspaper is placed on the top of the hanging cabinet, it can be cleaned regularly, but Xiao Bian thinks that this is not very hygienic. After all, the kitchen is the place where food is stored and produced, and the deposited dust is under certain conditions. (wind, vibration) will also affect the air quality of the kitchen. If it is an open or semi-open kitchen, it will also affect the visual effect of the entire space. Therefore, Xiao Bian still feels that the ceiling cabinet is better at the top, and the overall feeling of the cabinet to the top is better, and the deposition of soot and dust can be avoided.

Now that you know the drawbacks of the wall cabinet not being top, is there any way to make it both top and convenient? Here are a few ways I can introduce you:

(1) Adding edge line

For some cabinets with finished European-style wire boards, the height and installation position of the wall cabinets can be appropriately adjusted, and the top plate is designed to be edge-sealed. If there is no finished board or the selected cabinet style does not match the finished board, you can also customize the top line of the same material as the cabinet door.

(2) reduce the height of the local ceiling

Most home kitchens have a ceiling height that is flat. If we lower the ceiling above the wall cabinet, we can meet the ceiling to ceiling requirements without affecting the floor height of the entire kitchen space.

The above two methods are just for the friend who wants to increase the storage. It is only a temporary solution. If the cabinet is designed to be 900 high, it is inconvenient to use, and the selection of the drop-down (lifting) basket can be Eliminate the bruises of the "Vase" cabinet. As long as you touch the middle/lower part of the cabinet, you can easily access all the items in the cabinet.

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