The Design Of Small Kitchen Cabinets

- Dec 27, 2018 -

The Design of Small Kitchen Cabinets

The small kitchen space is relatively small, we have to carry out the kitchen cabinet design reasonably, so that the space can be more rationally laid out. Regarding the design of the kitchen cabinet, we can refer to some apartment type renderings. This Nordic-style kitchenette creates a logical layout of log kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets with corners.

The rustic open kitchen creates a U-shaped kitchen cabinet. The layout of the kitchen cabinet is very reasonable. The window is the installation of the sink. The middle is just a relatively spacious stove. It is useful to place some items, including the ceiling kitchen cabinets.

Stylish Korean-style kitchen, I like this kind of kitchen very much. Although it is not a big kitchen, it is not only very warm, but also has some Korean sweet and fresh feelings. The wall tiles are warm color matching. Bricks, with white European-style kitchen cabinets, corner kitchen cabinets, stoves, sinks, distribution is very reasonable.

The Nordic-style open kitchen is also a very space-saving kitchen. In order to be more atmospheric, the wall is made of one-piece kitchen cabinets and wall kitchen cabinets, and the kitchen cabinets are made of white and wood-colored color-blocking partitions. This kind of kitchen cabinet design also looks very fresh and simple, and the long-body table layout is very spacious and reasonable.

For such a small space, a bright white kitchen cabinet is created, and the corner-designed kitchen cabinet is combined with the marble countertop, so that not only the space utilization is rational, but also the row of the kitchen cabinet is above the stove, such a design appears The kitchenette is also oppressive, and the sink is better installed on the window sill.

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