The Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jul 16, 2018 -

The Design of Kitchen Cabinets

Before the kitchen renovation began, we must first understand the design of the whole cabinet, in order to ensure that the future cabinets are more convenient and comfortable to use.

1, the choice of the overall cabinet configuration products

Question: After choosing the countertops and cabinets, have you chosen a product that is comfortable and convenient?

If you want to make the kitchen more user-friendly, only the countertops and cabinets are not enough.

The consideration of configuration products such as food waste disposers is also very important.

2, the design of the cabinet pull basket

Question: Are there more than three types of cabinet pull baskets in the kitchen?

The cabinet basket in the kitchen is not only a kind of ultra-narrow basket. Under the cooktop, under the hood, or even next to the refrigerator, you can design different baskets to make the kitchen design more appropriate.

3, the storage design of scattered items

Question: Are the scoops, seasoning bottles, cleaning cloths, etc. arranged in the right place?

Scattered items in the kitchen, through a variety of hardware pendants, can achieve a space-saving storage.

4, the design of the kitchen space

Question: Is the corner in the kitchen cleverly handled?

The kitchen is small in size, and each space needs to be carefully designed to maximize the overall cabinet and increase the use area.

5. Division of the five major areas of the kitchen

Question: Do you know that there are five areas in the kitchen?

The kitchen space can be divided into five areas: storage area, storage area, cleaning area, preparation area and cooking area.

The five major regions are rationally planned separately, and the use of the triangular working area principle can save more energy. This is also a question that designers must fully consider when designing cabinets.

6, the design of the cabinet drawer

Question: When I take the items in the floor cabinet, can I not bend down?

If the floor cabinet is designed with full pull drawers, it will greatly reduce the number of squats and reduce labor.

7, the design of the cabinet door

Question: Will the cabinet door be touched when it is opened?

There are many ways to open the cabinet door of the wall cabinet. Choosing the height of the cabinet door that suits the height of your family and the proper opening method can increase the overall pleasure of the overall cabinet.

8, the design of the cabinet counter height

Question: Is the height of the countertops carefully considered according to their own situation?

If the counter top is too high or too low, it will increase the burden on the back. If you can calculate according to your own situation, designing a reasonable cabinet counter height will improve the comfort of the whole cabinet.

9, the design of the kitchen layout

Question: Do you know which type of kitchen layout you have?

Knowing the layout of your kitchen will help you plan and store more items.

10, the design of the cabinet door

Question: When the cabinet door of the cabinet is switched, will it ring?

Before the cabinet design, if you consider adding a damping or anti-collision strip to the cabinet door, no noise will be emitted when it is closed.

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