The Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 11, 2018 -

The Design of Kitchen Cabinets

1, there is a prescribed process for cooking, mainly to wash and stir fry, your kitchen cabinet design should follow this process. It is best to design the pool cutting space and stove design on the same process line. Oh, like the assembly line.

2, how high is the kitchen counter top?

Do not rely on the so-called standard height of the so-called kitchen cabinet countertops. The standard height of the kitchen cabinet countertops is standard. However, each person's height and habits are not standard. They blindly follow the so-called standard height to make kitchen cabinet countertops. Finally, if cooking is not a matter of feeling Hands, that is, cutting vegetables is tired.

The most scientific method is to find an almost-high kitchen cabinet countertop, by padding things to almost the same height, and then put the cooking pot on it, simulate the action of the stir-fry, find the most comfortable size for you, use this size minus the frame Height is the most appropriate height for your countertop floor to fall.

Generally speaking, this height is appropriate when you cut vegetables. If this height is not appropriate for you to cut vegetables, you can only make the height of the table in your kitchen cabinet, that is, the height of the vegetable cutting section and the cooking stove. The height of the parts is not the same. This will be higher cost, but it tends to look more beautiful. Pictured:

3, design kitchen and eating habits related.

Does your family love western food or Chinese food? The operation of western food and Chinese food is completely different. The requirements for the smoke machine and the stove are also not the same. If the design of the kitchen cabinet can be started, it will be better to determine the specific functions and sizes of the smoke machine and the stove. kitchen cabinet design The drawings will be more accurate. Extravagant units tend to make 2 kitchens, the outside is the kitchen, and the inside is the western kitchen.

If you eat kitchen cabinets every day is a display, Oh, your kitchen cabinet design principle is based on aesthetics.

4, use design to reduce kitchen fumes.

Chinese people have the habit of stir-fry. The most annoying thing is the kitchen fumes. The taste is very bad, and it is very easy to dirty the walls. If you have a balcony and a kitchen, it is best to move the stove to the balcony. The balcony door can hold Separate fumes, move the stove position is simple, move the gas pipe and power on it. It doesn't matter if the exhaust pipe is longer. The flue outside your home is longer than the part inside your home, and the main part of the flue pipe is above the ceiling, which does not affect the height of your kitchen.

Many owners like open kitchens and open kitchens do save places. However, if you cannot keep cooking space closed, it is best not to open kitchens.

If there is no kitchen balcony, it is recommended to arrange the stove in the corner of the kitchen, especially where the corner of the wall is the best, and it is best to reduce the amount of soot emitted. (The original three-sided scattered smoke becomes two-sided scattered smoke).

The kitchen door is best not to use sliding doors, closed tightly, mainly sliding door track, after a few months will be oily and dead, difficult to open and close the door. It would be better to use sliding rails with sliding doors.

Note: Some people are convenient for passing dishes and set the stove close to the door. When you open and close the door, the wind can easily blow out the fire, and fumes can easily float into the restaurant. Some people set the stove below the window for the fumes to scatter, which is also very dangerous. The location of the stove should be close to the exterior wall so that it is easy to install the hood. The location in front of the window is best left to the conditioning station, because this part of the work spends the most time, looking up at the scenery outside the window, blowing warm winds, so that the operator has a good mood

5, The kitchen appliances are scientifically and reasonably designed.

When designing kitchen cabinets, consider designing kitchen appliances that you must use in a reasonable position and arrange switch sockets. The kitchen can hold a lot of small electrical appliances, write out what they think: dishwashers, water purifiers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, food processors, electric kettles, induction cookers, bread machines, electric baking pans, coffee makers, egg cookers , electric oven, disinfecting kitchen cabinet, refrigerator. Emphasizing the design of the location of the electrical appliances, in order to arrange the circuit transformation work. These appliances are not usually used at the same time, but it is very necessary to arrange as many outlets as possible.

Water purifiers are generally arranged under the sink, pay attention to stay power and water.

The oven can be placed below the stove, without the oven, the pot can be put under the stove, and you can cook it by hand.

Condiment baskets or places where spices are placed should be closer to the cooktop.

6, design kitchen operating lights, this lamp, washing dishes, chopping vegetables can be seen clearly.

The lamp on the right side of the picture above is the kitchen operation light. Let the designer design it with you, mainly the circuit. This kind of light switch is inconvenient and not beautiful. The kitchen operating lights designed by yourself are as follows:

Buy 2 or 3 centimeters thick bull's eye lamp on the market 2-3, in the cupboard kitchen cabinet's lower scouring hole is exactly the same as the bull's eye lamp's diameter, the bull's eye lamp inlaid in the hole and connect the wire, so that kitchen cabinet manufacturers to do more The lower plate of a cupboard kitchen cabinet is covered from the inside of the upper kitchen cabinet when installing.

After plugging the cable, plug it into the reserved socket on the high side. A large rocker switch is installed between the kitchen cabinet upper kitchen cabinet and the lower kitchen cabinet to control the upper outlet. In this way, when my hand is full of water, I can use the elbow to turn on the kitchen operating light. The operating light can't be seen at all, so the design is more beautiful. Of course, this design must be pre-made circuit transformation.

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