The Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 26, 2018 -

The Design of Kitchen Cabinets

Single function of traditional kitchen cabinets already cannot satisfy the needs of contemporary young people, especially for small family the use of space becomes even more important, because buy big kitchen cabinets will no doubt make the bedroom looks more small. Based on fully excavate the potential of kitchen cabinets, as far as possible a dual purpose, combination kitchen cabinets becomes the choice of one of the main consideration factors. It combines many functions in one, cover an area of less, large flexibility, functional transformation a multifunctional kitchen cabinets is simple, practical, in your living space was released at the same time, also can let our life becomes a little bit more simple.Combine kitchen cabinets is to originally split of traditional kitchen cabinets design. Multifunctional kitchen cabinets is very much a characteristics, use of space to build multiple panels. And creative combination kitchen cabinets design is very creative. Multifunctional kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets of combination of creative design reveals a truth is that product of the original sheet must be consistent, do not mix mixed plate is, influence the combination of image. Multi-function combination kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets of combination of creative design to check whether is consistent, and indoor design cannot now abruptly, the best fusion and the surrounding environment, this requires the design of the product is beautiful and generous, not now look very bad product, otherwise affect image. Type is small, the use of space is more important to combined to buy kitchen cabinets or the big kitchen cabinets will no doubt make the bedroom looks smaller, you can buy some of the folding kitchen cabinets, to save area, folding kitchen cabinets is easy to use, the characteristics of one content is multi-purpose. Folding bed and bookcase is an organic whole, also both receive a function, the multifunctional kitchen cabinets is enough to attract people's attention. Through the folding area or bulky items can be folded into the area or volume as small as possible. Through the thin taste, you will find a unique aesthetic feeling, not to mention they also invariably both to pragmatism. Compact design, functional diversity, mobile convenience, became the new elements of kitchen cabinets design in the future Concept of multifunctional kitchen cabinets is a function of the initial traditional kitchen cabinets, on the basis of realizing the function of other new modern kitchen cabinets products, is to design for kitchen cabinets. Characteristics of multifunctional kitchen cabinets is different from traditional kitchen cabinets four significant features are: the fusion of electromechanical integration technology, the application of computer technology, the application of new materials, exquisite adjustable structure. A piece of kitchen cabinets with at least one of the features can only be called multi-function kitchen cabinets. Application of new materials with new material design kitchen cabinets, not only can obtain new modelling structure, can also achieve an unexpected new function. Nanomaterials, for example, moistureproof, bacteria isolation, not only has strong flexibility; Shape memory alloy after deformation in the conditions of temperature, ph value, can restore original shape; Composite material strength, stiffness, often several times the same size and shape of the original composition of materials; Photosensitive material, pressure, ph sensors can do; Material such as glass, paper, energy conservation and environmental protection. Multifunctional kitchen cabinets ingenious adjustable structure are not complex institutions or new material, a set of link mechanism, several flexible connection, wheels, button machine, ramp, etc many simple but ingenious structure can achieve the same new features. Such as adjustable height of the chair, desk, wheelchair, rotating table, folding chair, sofa combination bookcases and so on. Multifunctional kitchen cabinets development direction, narrow area and small family residence space resources nervous. French kitchen cabinets designer Alan laiter cher design electrical control elevator kitchen cabinets, rely on eight kinds of standard size "mezzanine" bedroom space is greatly saved. "Space is precious all over the world, but especially in Asia." Laiter sher says, "have personal space is the basic condition of quality have reached a well-off life, I hope I can give people to help in this respect." Automatic folding or lifting doubled kitchen cabinets for bedroom space, create a new way of life for people, is one of the important developing direction of multi-function kitchen cabinets. Intelligent intelligent kitchen cabinets is the typical representative of modern multifunctional kitchen cabinets, leads a new way of life. According to the survey, most people interested in intelligent kitchen cabinets, thought to have intelligent kitchen cabinets is a happy thing, is also a symbol to improve the quality of life; 64% of respondents want to have intelligent kitchen cabinets in different degree; 16% of people think that intelligent kitchen cabinets 300 ~ 500 yuan higher than the ordinary kitchen cabinets can accept; 44% think high of 500 ~ 1000 yuan can accept; 33% think high of 1000 ~ 2000 yuan can accept; And 7% of people think that as long as you like, how much can be high. Predictably, intelligent kitchen cabinets will play an important role in the future life as shown in figure 2, with the increase of price and supporting system of is perfect, people's purchasing desire will get promoted, intelligent kitchen cabinets market will gradually formed the scale in the next 20 to 50 years Interior decoration (Interior) in order to meet the needs of the people's social activities and living, reasonable, perfect organization and shape aesthetic and comfortable, convenient, indoor environment is a kind of comprehensive art. Is the environment a kinds of art. Also known as the interior design. It is a blend of modern science and technology and culture and art, and architectural design, decorative arts, ergonomics, psychology, aesthetics has a close connection. In terms of its research scope and object, can be divided into the home interior decoration, interior decoration, hotel, shop interior decoration, interior decoration, interior decoration of public facilities. Interior decoration attached to the construction entity, such as space, landscaping, decoration, wall paintings, lighting and art processing all kinds of building facilities, collectively known as indoor decoration; Another kind on construction entity, such as kitchen cabinets, lamps and lanterns, decorative fabrics, household electrical appliances, daily utensils, sanitary ware, cooking utensils, stationery and all kinds of display products, known collectively as indoor display. After a class has a relative independence, can be moved or replaced. Interior decoration can improve space, namely through decorating, to beautify the interior space and decoration, creating a in line with the aesthetic law of interior space, to create a certain atmosphere, through the indoor kitchen cabinets, display the section and design, to create an ideal interior atmosphere, make people pleasant and happy affection fugacity. The modern interior decoration is more emphasis on people-centered design. It can be roughly divided into two big trends, one from the use function of indoor environment design, such as scientific ventilation, daylighting, color selection, etc., in order to improve the interior space of the comfort and practicality. Another is to create a personalized indoor environment, emphasis on personal style and the unique aesthetic appeal. In addition, a country's level of economic development, cultural traditions, customs and folk aesthetic taste will leave a mark in the interior decoration.


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