The Colors Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 20, 2018 -

The traditional colors of cabinets are white cabinets, white is a color that will never out of date, white, pure and elegant. Red cabinets, love the symbolic color of life, warm, bright, bright and bright colors. Yellow cabinets, the most important one in warm colors, very warm colors, but fortunately with. Natural wood color cabinets, simple and elegant, there is no substitute for a sense of stability. Green cabinets are naturally fresh, bringing vitality and vigor, which can leave people with troubles and pure thoughts. The blue cabinets, mysterious and far-away, are the main ones in the cool colors, giving people a feeling of freshness. Collocation color: white blue or white green, suitable for summer. Yellow orange creates a warm atmosphere. Red orange, strong in color suitable for winter. The modern cabinet colors - silver-gray belongs to the metal color is the product of modern civilization, suitable for cutting delicate cabinets. The color in the kitchen should not be too much, it is best to be limited to three kinds of colors, do not mess with the color, choose orange red, orange, brown, this jumpy color, can stimulate appetite, can be used for embellishment, can also play a finishing touch effect.

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