The Color Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Aug 17, 2018 -

The Color of Kitchen Cabinets

What color is good for the kitchen cabinet, not only must be based on the decoration style of the home, but also the color itself to give people the choice to choose, for example, green can give people a sense of satisfaction, warmth. There is also a light yellow, can be, very sentimental, yet elegant. Mainly depends on the preferences of your decoration.

1. kitchen cabinet color matching and selection

In the design of modern kitchen cabinets, in addition to considering the practical application, we must also consider the color matching. Different colors have their own effects on people's senses and emotions. Cool colors such as blue, cyan, and purple have the function of retreating and weakening. Selecting the relatively light-colored kitchen cabinets in the color system can make the kitchen cabinet space more clear, refreshing, and extendable space. Warm colors such as red, yellow and orange have a forward propulsion effect, with dark colors such as purple, black and white, highlighting the gorgeousness and fullness of the kitchen. Neutral tones such as white, gray, and black can basically go to other colors.

kitchen cabinet color and appetite: The color of the kitchen cabinet with high brightness can show a pleasant and clean space, thus increasing people's desire for food. White, yellow and related color, similar to the color of egg yolk, fruits and vegetables, milk, cream and other foods, reminiscent of the delicious food; blue, green and other colors have a cool, refreshing feeling, let people think of cold drinks taste. Vibrant red is tempting and hunger-free; brown is easily linked to chocolate and stimulates appetite.

kitchen cabinet color

White kitchen cabinet: White is a timeless color, pure and clean. The white kitchen cabinets are simple, elegant and hygienic, especially suitable for those who like to enjoy a quiet and clean life. White can match any other color, and create a different effect, harmonious with black, giving a low-key and calm feeling, quiet and soft.

Red kitchen cabinets: The bright red color system, used in the kitchen cabinet to show people's love for life, especially for newlyweds, full of festive and slippery feelings, expressing a distinct personality and vitality. In addition, the red and white matching kitchen cabinets add a sense of richness to the kitchen and increase appetite by softening the red and the monotonous red color.

Yellow kitchen cabinets: The warm yellow kitchen cabinets are clean, elegant and warm, adding warmth to the kitchen space and emphasizing the sense of harmony. In addition, the color system can also match some colors such as blue and green to achieve different effects.

Wood color kitchen cabinets: Wood color kitchen cabinets have the natural atmosphere, the color of the logs, add a simple, elegant temperament to the kitchen, relieve people's visual fatigue, especially suitable for the elderly, highlighting the stable personality. This color is matched with light blue and dark green to express a warm effect.

Green kitchen cabinets: The natural green is fresh and bright, and it always reflects the natural scenery. In such a kitchen, people can throw away all the troubles and dine quietly. Light green with light blue, the kitchen has a different vitality and vitality.

Blue kitchen cabinets: The kitchen cabinets of this color are bright, clear and pure, especially the faint blue kitchen cabinets, reminiscent of the taste of the ocean, mysterious, quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside, sinking in the heart to enjoy the delicious. This color kitchen cabinet is matched with yellow, which is more conspicuous under the light, steady and warm; with orange-red, it adds a vitality.

Popular kitchen cabinet color matching

Blue + white: The overall appearance is refreshing and calm, with a pair of glasses that are also blue and white, creating a cold dining atmosphere on the table, especially suitable for summer.

Yellow + Orange: These two colors with high brightness are combined in the kitchen cabinet to increase the warmth and warmth. For example, a vitamin C-rich orange on the table in the winter afternoon has an appetizing effect.

Orange + Red: Contrary to the combination of blue and white, this color scheme is warm and suitable for winter, which makes the kitchen warm and harmonious, and the bright colors enhance the appetite.

kitchen cabinet color matching points

The color of the kitchen space is limited to three, white and black are not counted. Even if some professional designers can control the depth of the color, it may exceed three, and only one or two colors.

Kitchens with smaller spaces are not easy to use black kitchen cabinets, and there is a feeling of reducing the space area. The use of light colors can compensate for the oppressive feeling of the space, making the space more spacious.

The choice of the overall color of the kitchen cabinet, it is best not to use neutral colors, should choose a higher brightness color, such as white, milky white, fruit green, blue, light yellow and so on. In addition, orange red, orange yellow, brown and other jumping colors can stimulate appetite, used as an embellishment, can be the starting point.

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