The Color Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 31, 2018 -

The Color of Kitchen Cabinets

In addition to the practical value of the kitchen cabinet, the color is also very important, because it directly affects people's dining mood. At the beginning of the design, people should be based on their own preferences, and then through the main tone to interpret the feeling of the kitchen and the restaurant.

White: Pure and unblemished, immaculately clean, kitchen cabinets with white tone are simple, elegant and clean. For those who like cleanliness and quietness, it is undoubtedly the best choice. The contrast of white and black will create A purely calm effect, white and any color will be very harmonious. 

Yellow: The traditional sense of yellow is a symbol of nobility. Pale yellow can be used with a variety of colors to produce a satisfying effect, like blue, green, red, etc. The bright apricot will create youthfulness. artistic conception.

Blue: This is a fantastic color, giving people a clear, romantic feeling. The blue is more refreshing and elegant under the white background. It is full of decorative taste and brings the soul of the ware to the quiet harbor. Especially suitable for work stressful white-collar workers. Blue and yellow match, feeling light, especially awake. The blue kitchen cabinets are embellished with orange, so that a deeper and more lively one is added. The bold use of gray-blue color makes a refreshing mood. 

Green: Relaxed and refreshing, pleasing to the eye is the first impression green gives. The change of green depth makes people feel relaxed and happy. It changes from light green to grayish green and then dark green. The colors of outdoor and indoor are gradually excessive. The light green is the floor of a field, the kitchen cabinet of yellow is like autumn leaves, and the table of dark green is like a pine needle. The natural scenery makes people feel bright and open. The combination of light green and light blue can make the kitchen full of vitality.

Woody color: This is a kind of back-to-back idyllic color, placed in the space created by the simple solid wood, plus flowers and embellishments, will make life more rural atmosphere, good for physical and mental health. Many elderly people and stable personality and owners are preferred woody color kitchen cabinets. When it comes to energy, wood's simple supplement is light blue and dark green, which can highlight the warm feeling.

Red: passionate, happy and auspicious, this is the spirit of red. Newlyweds adopt red as the most appropriate, more able to show life's vitality, and red can stimulate appetite. Red and white can make the whole richer and more vibrant. The combination of red and yellow has a fiercely restrained enthusiasm, and the use of old-fashioned furniture to celebrate the auspicious use of color techniques will make the kitchen cabinet display a new atmosphere of prosperity.

Silver-gray: It seems to come from space. It is a product of modern civilization and symbolizes efficiency, health, and positiveness. The silver ash shows heavy weight in the simplicity and restores peace of mind. This hue is attached to the cutting kitchen cabinet space, as if it were an aircraft flying in space.

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