The Color Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 23, 2018 -

The Color Of Kitchen Cabinets

Soft white: The white table with delicate markings is the most common and popular color, commonly used for stone or other plates such as quartz, neutral white usually mixed with light gray, multi-colored spots of particles showing glittering The effect is full of subtle natural richness, making the entire space more clean and light.

In a more traditional kitchen, this color will be better than pure white, and can be naturally matched with other colors without losing elegance.

Advantages: Good transition from traditional style to modern style; space is more spacious, elegant but not simple, easy to care and clean. The combination of white and wooden cabinets can cushion visual aesthetic fatigue.


Timber color: The warm wood color gives people a natural and approachable feeling. If white is used as the basis of the kitchen with wood countertops, then the traditional and contemporary elements can be fully balanced. The classic wood also suits these two styles. Compared to the darker colors, the light wood color presents a casual or rustic feel, suitable for some rural holiday homes or cottages, and can be matched with some traditional or modern accessories.

Timber can also be polished and polished according to actual decoration requirements. The color of wooden counters can be warm or light, reddish brown is more traditional, and gray is the trend of recent years. When choosing colors, according to the decoration of your home Style and preferences to match.

Advantages: Selective size; with a white kitchen cabinet or a white base kitchen can add warmth; like the country-style owners can enjoy the creative decoration.


Black or dark colors: These colors may look very gothic. If your kitchen has dark cabinets or floors, you can match it with charcoal and other islands to increase the sense of maturity and luxury.

It should be noted that dark kitchens require a lot of natural or artificial light sources to maintain the comfort of the space. If the light is insufficient, then it will be unsatisfactory.

Advantages: Design trends for apartments and modern homes, perfectly matched with other black elements in space, and classic color matching with white.


Gray: A dreamy creamy grey counter adds a harmonious look to the kitchen, giving a friendly and intimate feel. Grey can be paired with cream, golden tailgates, tables, chairs and small parts. Since gray is the most neutral color, it is a good choice to match with colored cabinets.

Advantages: If you want to have a soft, friendly and serene atmosphere then you can choose grey, suitable for colorful cabinets and decorations; blending black and white schemes for softening, and those who like sparkling warm effects can choose brass metallic colors.


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