The Cleaning And Maintenance Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 01, 2018 -

The Cleaning and Maintenance of Kitchen Cabinets

The first step: cleaning and maintenance of the table

Different materials have different cleaning methods. Artificial stone and stainless steel kitchen cabinets should not be cleaned with hard scouring pads, steel balls, chemicals, or steel brushes. Use a soft towel or soft scouring pad to wipe with water or wipe with brightener, otherwise it will cause scratches. Or erosion;

Fireproof panel material cabinets can use household cleaners, use nylon brush or nylon ball wipe, then wipe with hot and humid cloth;

Natural stone countertops should use soft scouring pad, can not be wiped with toluene detergent, otherwise it is difficult to remove flower white spots;

If the cabinet is made of logs, clean the dust with a pair of tweezers first, then wipe it with a dry cloth or a special wood care lotion. Do not use wet rags and oil cleaners.

The second step: cleaning and maintenance of the door

The material of the door panel is similar to that of the countertop, so its maintenance and cleaning are similar to those of the countertop. At the same time to avoid the flow of water down the table soaked to the door, otherwise long time the door will be deformed; solid wood door can use furniture water wax cleaning and maintenance.

The third step: the cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen cabinet

The utensils should be cleaned and put into the cabinet. Special attention should be paid to wipe the utensils dry; the hardware in the kitchen cabinet should be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid water droplets on the surface of the utensils to cause water marks;

The sink of the cooking table can be used in advance to hold the inner filter box with filaments to prevent the clogging of the water pipe by the crumbs and small debris.

The fourth step: cleaning and maintenance of hardware

Kitchen hardware mainly includes rice cylinders, metal baskets, hinges, slides, and the like, and its material is generally made of stainless steel or steel surface sprayed and sprayed. In principle, all hardware should be kept clean and dry. If it is wet, it should be wiped in time to prevent water marks or rust.

Step 5: Cleaning and Cleaning the Sink

When cleaning the sink each time, remember to clean the neck of the tube behind the filter box to prevent accumulation of grease accumulated in the long-term; if oil deposits are accumulated in the tank for a long time, it is not easy to wash, then try to pour it in the sink. Some kitchen grease cleaners are washed with hot water and rinsed with cold water.

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