The Assembly Of The Sink Cabinet, Cooking Cabinet And Pantry

- Apr 20, 2018 -

1. Assembly of sink base

New technology of 2005 is applied to sink base and we incorporate waterproof rubber strips on bottom panel. When you install the waterproof rubber strips, use knife blade to slightly push up the aluminum foils on both sides of the bottom panel and install the waterproof rubber strips on the bottom panel before assembling the sink base. Please note that the sink base normally does not have back panel. Please refer to the assembly of corner base cabinet. The next step is to install the feet and the door panels. When the door panels are installed, adjust the door panels to complete the assembly of sink cabinet.

2. Assembly of the cooking cabinet

Please refer to the assembly of corner base cabinet, assemble cooking cabinet accordingly.

Please note that the bottom panel for the cooking cabinet is different from the bottom panels of other cabinets, as its bottom panel is sculpted in arc shape. Next, we will assemble the cabinet body, the back panel and the cabinet feet. For the base cabinets, we normally install the feet at the place 50MM from the front side of the cabinet. However, for cooking cabinet, the feet will be installed at a place 70MM from front side of the cabinet, which is for the convenience of installing the wheels for the cooking cabinet. In cooking cabinets, there may be some cuttings or openings for the sockets, which are convenient for the connections with burnings or gas pipe

3. Assembly of wall cabinet

Please refer to the assembly processes of base cabinet and assemble the wall cabinet accordingly. Attach the jointing parts on the side panels before starting assembling the cabinet body. Please note that the panel parts for the wall cabinet are not the same as the base cabinet, as the wall cabinet has top panel while the top of the base cabinet uses front and back levers. In the end, slide the back panel in the flutes and secure with screws.

The stationary hook is used to hang the cabinet on wall. The stationary hook is installed on the side panel nearing to top panel. If the stationary hook holes on the back panel are too small, uses a knife blade to expand. Then, use 4*25 self-tapping screws to secure. The next step is to install the door panels of the wall cabinet and make the necessary adjustment. Hereby we complete the installation of the wall cabinet for microwave.

4. Installation of the pantry

Please refer to the assembly processes of the wall cabinets and base cabinets and assemble the pantry accordingly. Please pay attention that the back panel is installed with a few reinforcement panels. Do not miss them during assembly. Nowadays, the reinforcement panels are joined through cam.

The following step is to install the top panel, shelves, bottom panel, reinforcement panels, back panels and side panels. In the end, install the door panels and adjust them. The assembly of pantry is completed.

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