The Advantages Of The Whole Kitchen Cabinet

- Dec 21, 2018 -

The Advantages of the Whole Kitchen Cabinet

01 High aesthetics

Compared with the ordinary brick kitchen cabinets, the whole kitchen cabinets are integrated into the kitchen cabinet, countertops and electrical appliances. The overall design is strong and the design lines are smooth, so the appearance is higher.

02 Practicality

The layout of the whole kitchen cabinet is reasonable and practical. The design habits, moving lines and some special requirements will be taken into account in the design, so as to achieve convenient operation and save time.

We can determine the height of the kitchen cabinet based on the height of the person using the kitchen, so as to avoid back pain due to improper size.

03 Durable

The whole kitchen cabinet is industrialized and has certain operating standards. The quality of materials such as plates, countertops and fittings is good, and the related processes are also fine. Therefore, the overall kitchen cabinet has a long service life.

How to choose the whole kitchen cabinet

01 layout

The layout of the kitchen is I, II, L, U and Nakajima. We can choose the right layout according to the actual area of the kitchen and our own needs.

Type I layout: installed along the wall, small footprint, suitable for long and narrow kitchens.

Type II layout: Also known as the two-line layout, the console area is increased compared to the I-type layout, the storage space is increased, and the use is more convenient.

L-shaped layout: The L-shaped layout is suitable for narrow and long study rooms. Compared with the I-type layout, there is one corner kitchen cabinet, but it improves the space utilization.

U-shaped layout: U-shaped layout is more complete, and the operation and storage space is sufficient, so that many people can prepare meals at the same time, so there is also a requirement for the kitchen area.

02 Materials

The whole kitchen cabinet is composed of kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware accessories, functional accessories, electrical appliances, lamps, etc. We can pay attention to the materials of these components when purchasing.

kitchen cabinet: The main body of the kitchen cabinet usually has two kinds of materials: particle board and medium density board; the door board generally has solid wood door panels, metal door panels, fireproof panels, painted lacquer panels, molded panels, acrylic panels, and the like. The cost-effectiveness of the fireproof board is high; the paint door panel and the acrylic door panel are stylish and beautiful, and are more beautiful.

Countertops: Commonly used materials for kitchen cabinet countertops include natural marble, artificial marble, fireproof board, logs, and stainless steel. In general, there are more artificial marble and quartz stone on the counter top.

Accessories: The accessories used in the kitchen cabinet mainly include hinges, slide rails, handles, and pull baskets. In general, the heavier the accessories in the same product, the better the quality.

We need to pay attention to whether the appearance of these accessories is smooth and flat, whether the switch is smooth when pulled, and there is no abnormal sound.

03 color

The most common kitchen cabinet colors are black, white, wood, etc. These colors are versatile and suitable for a variety of home styles.

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