The Advantages Of Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

- May 24, 2018 -

The Advantages of Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

1, environmental health

The outer surface of the lacquer kitchen cabinet is made of high-strength wood panels after six times of high temperature baking. Lacquer kitchen cabinets are made of excellent, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof wood boards with a very high density. The outer surfaces of the lacquer kitchen cabinet are painted, painted, dried, polished, and many other messy processes. The paint cupboard is a new type of cabinet with full paint film, no discoloration, no peeling, abrasion, scrape, and environmental protection. Most of the lacquer kitchen cabinet produced by standard manufacturers are generally non-toxic, environmentally friendly and beautiful.

2, strong stability

The exterior of the lacquer board is polished, the appearance of the luminosity is very high, and the mirror effect is also very good. The contrast of the lacquer kitchen cabinet made of such a plate is bright and full of extravagance, which brings a very light visual impact. Usually lacquer kitchen cabinet do not require edge sealing, which saves unnecessary costs. Because the exterior coating of the paint plate is cured, the stability, durability, weather resistance, collision resistance, corrosion resistance, and hardness all become higher. The kitchen cabinet made of it is robust and has a dusty appearance and is simply cleaned. No oil, no fading.

3, durable

Compared with other door panels, the process of painting the door panels is not only bright in color, full of surface, and high in gloss, but also can be used to wash all kinds of exquisite models, highlighting the stylish personality of modern homes and bringing a strong visual experience. At the same time, the gloss, hardness and other parameters of the paint door are also higher than other door panels, and the waterproof capability is good, which is also an important factor for its durability and easy care. From the introduction of the paint cupboards to the present, it occupies the high-end series of kitchen cabinets.

4, easy to clean

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are better and cleaner, and there are many ways to clean them. Such as tea cleaning, milk cleaning, beer cleaning, white vinegar Bai Jie, toothpaste cleaning and so on. Painted cupboards are easily contaminated with dust. Cleaning them with gauze can make the kitchen cabinets particularly bright and clean. But be sure to remember that you should wipe it with clear water at the end, otherwise it will affect the original color of the kitchen cabinet.

Disadvantages of lacquer kitchen cabinet:

The surface of the painted kitchen cabinet is relatively fragile, just like the surface of the car, it is hard to bump and scratch the hard objects. Therefore, when using, care should be taken to avoid collisions; and long-term cooking fumes will cause the lacquer kitchen cabinet to form a certain color, so the lacquer kitchen cabinet are generally not suitable for the kitchen, and lacquer kitchen cabinet and other paint products should also be avoided in contact with fumes.

Lacquer kitchen cabinet prices

1, low-grade lacquer kitchen cabinet

The same material will still be divided into a good and bad, paint the same kitchen cabinet, the same as the paint kitchen cabinet, in the brand, process, there will still be some differences, so the price there will be some differences. With regard to the price of painted kitchen cabinets, the cheapest kitchen cabinets on the market are generally priced at about 800 yuan. This type of paint kitchen cabinet may be slightly rougher in the production process.

2, mid-range lacquer kitchen cabinet

Let's talk about the price of lacquer kitchen cabinet that have the largest number of buyers. Generally more people will choose the price is around 2,500 yuan. The texture of this paint kitchen cabinet is very good, and it is also very durable. The whole paint cabinet can also be purchased at this price. However, it is best to choose the general brand of lacquer kitchen cabinet, the cost will be higher.

3, high-grade lacquer kitchen cabinet

The relatively expensive price in the paint cupboard is the high-grade cabinet in some well-known paint cupboards. Generally, the most expensive paint cupboards are priced at 10,000 yuan. Most of the kitchen cabinets are custom-made. Generally more expensive in the market is about seven or eight thousand, anyway, it is not cheap.

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