Structure Of The Kitchen

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Structure of the kitchen

Cabinets, kitchen appliances, table tops and hardware function is composed of most major components of the whole Cabinet.

Cabinet: including door panels, Cabinet

Cabinet according to the installation location: wall cabinet (hanging/top), under the Cabinet (Cabinet), cabinets, tall cabinets.

Standard cabinet from the left side plate, right side plate, bottom plate, front sheet, back panels, door panels, back panels, baffles, and other pieces of metal (including hinge and anchoring).

The Cabinet body: includes standard cabinets and corner Cabinet and non-Cabinet. Standard Cabinet standard Cabinet width, depth, Cabinet height Cabinet. Corner cabinet: in Cabinet corner at the intersection of use to L/U layout. Instead of the standard size Cabinet that can be changed as needed.

Water tanks: under sink size dedicated cabinet configurations tailored. 600mm--900mm, single and double basins.

Stove cabinet: size dedicated cabinet configurations tailored according to the stove, such as 600mm--900mm, single or double cooker.

Door panel: divided into two-veneer door skin, beautiful plate (HRL), 3D door panel door panels and UV adsorption paint, paint the door, PVC door, PET door, solid wood door.

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