Stainless Steel Cabinets With Color Feng Shui Pay Attention To White Cabinets Cast Good Luck

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Kitchen color, depending on individual hobby. In general, the light and bright colors, so that the small kitchen is spacious; low purity of the color, so that the kitchen warm, cordial, harmonious; hue warm colors, so that the kitchen atmosphere of the kitchen atmosphere is playing, warm , Can enhance appetite.

Feng shui that the kitchen is better in white. We only from the use of the point of view, the kitchen is cooking place, white at least can show that such a good health conditions, spotless, diet can be assured. You see, the hotel chef's overalls are white, you feel very accustomed, very comfortable. Can be replaced if the other colors, such as wearing a black robe what, then, I am afraid more like a witch in the deployment of what mysterious drugs, it seems inevitable that some heart did not end, the end of the dish is not how dare to eat.

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