Stainless Steel Cabinet Countertops Maintenance Of Five Attention

- Oct 26, 2017 -

1. Do not put high-temperature objects directly or permanently placed on the stainless steel cabinet countertops, directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven removed from the hot pot, hot pot or other high temperature appliances and so will bring damage to the table.

Use a pot holder with rubber feet or put a heat pad on the table. Do not rinse immediately with cold water with hot water.

2, the operation should try to avoid sharp objects with the table, in order to avoid scratches. No matter what kind of table selection, should be chopped food on the chopping board, in addition to avoid leaving the knife marks, the damage outside the blade can do better cleaning.

3. Keep the table as dry as possible. Resistant plate, anti-times the table to avoid long-term soaking, to prevent the formation of plastic deformation table. Artificial stone countertops to prevent the water bleach and scale so that the table color lighter, affecting the appearance.

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