Some Tips For Installing The Kitchen Cabinets

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Some Tips for Installing the Kitchen Cabinets

Things to pay attention to before tiling:

1. According to whether the kitchen cabinet is equipped with kitchen treasures, microwave ovens, and other electrical outlets such as refrigerators and switches, the overall design of the kitchen is taken care of.

2, the wall behind the kitchen cabinet of the Yintai is best not to tiling, it should be an ideal choice for insulation. Generally, the back panel of a good kitchen cabinet should be a plug-in structure, and the wall has a space of 15-18mm, which is convenient for air circulation and does not cause problems.

Check before installing the kitchen cabinet:

1. Whether the upper and lower water outlets are placed in the expected position! The water supply pipe is preferably not less than 400mm, which is convenient for connecting the faucet and the kitchen treasure. The height of the sewer pipe should not exceed 100mm or not less than 200mm, so that when installing the kitchen cabinet, Minimize the movement of the kitchen cabinet.

2. Check if the gas meter pipe is in place to facilitate the opening of the kitchen cabinet.

3. If your exhaust pipe is placed inside the ceiling, the smoke exhaust pipe of the range hood must be accurately positioned at the ceiling and the outlet of the exhaust pipe should be sealed.

4. The hanging kitchen cabinet must be horizontal and vertical.

5. If the kitchen cabinet is not leveled, the installation of the countertop will inevitably result in an imbalance of the contact points between the countertop and the kitchen cabinet. If the time is long, the deformation or short crack of the countertop may occur.

6. Pay attention to the opening and closing direction of the door panel, which is convenient for future operation.

7. The hinge opening of the door panel should be between 21-22 mm from the door edge. If the door panel is too large, it will not be strict after the door panel is closed.

8. When opening and cutting in the pipeline, the size must be accurate. When sawing under the opening, the kitchen cabinet must first be adjusted to the specified height.

9. Installation of the basin must pay attention to whether the kitchen cabinet or the garbage bin, the mincer and other accessories are installed inside the basin, and the position is reserved in advance.

10. Open the hole on the table surface, pay attention to the edge of the table top, not less than 70 mm.

11, the reserved size of the refrigerator, when buying a refrigerator, we must pay attention to the cooling method of the refrigerator, now most refrigerators are heat dissipation on both sides, so the reserve of the refrigerator should be at least 650 mm, so that the heat dissipation of the refrigerator can be extended The life of the refrigerator.

12. The distance between the range hood and the countertop should be between 650 and 700.

13. The height between the hanging kitchen cabinets is generally at 700. If it is a long hanging kitchen cabinet, the distance is more than 500, depending on the specific situation.

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