Some Points For Installing The Kitchen Cabinets

- Dec 20, 2018 -

Some Points for Installing the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets skirting board

We all know that the kitchen is in a relatively humid environment. Whether it is the sink in the kitchen or the heat of cooking we usually make the kitchen kitchen cabinet more susceptible to moisture damage. In order to make the kitchen cabinet directly contact the ground to enhance its breathability, most owners will The design of the kitchen cabinet is long and suspended. The distance between the kitchen cabinet and the ground is generally about 5 cm. In this gap, we usually add a baffle, which looks more beautiful in appearance and can also block the outside water from flowing into the kitchen cabinet. To extend the life of the kitchen cabinet.

2. The hood does not include the kitchen cabinet

Some friends used to pack the hood in the upper kitchen cabinet for the sake of a more beautiful appearance in the kitchen. However, this requires that our upper kitchen cabinet must be topped. If it is less than half of the top, it will be more ugly. Xiao Bian advises that everyone is still a range hood or not, to know that the kitchen cabinet of the range hood is very troublesome to clean up.

3. Console height difference

Many friends did not consider the height difference of the cooking area when customizing the kitchen cabinet. When using it, it would be very inconvenient to use the cooking when cooking. Xiao Bian suggested that everyone's cooking table should be lower than 10 cm of our sink countertop. The specific countertop height is determined according to the height of the cooks we often cook.

4. The wall is made of smooth tiles.

In order to clean the kitchen wall in the future, it is simpler and faster. When you decorate the kitchen wall, you should choose large and smooth tiles. Don't choose the tiles with too many pockmarks or patterns. Mosaic tiles are not acceptable.

5. Install the exhaust fan of kitchen cabinet

Many friends think that there is no need to install an exhaust fan when there is a range hood in the house. This idea is wrong. When the kitchen fume is relatively large, it is difficult to remove all the fumes by the range hood. At this time, the working effect of the range hood and the exhaust fan will be faster and more obvious.

6. Glass folding door of kitchen cabinet

Although everyone is very envious of the open kitchen, the open kitchen is not suitable for traditional Chinese cooking, because the smoke is too big to make the living room restaurant oily. So we'd better install a folding door. When cooking, closing the kitchen is a separate space. When you don't cook, you can open the door and show the feeling of opening the kitchen. It also helps the kitchen air circulation. 

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